Best Joint Supplements for Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs; a good number of dogs develop arthritis during their lives. It is often caused by diseases that affect various regions within the joints of dogs such as tendons, ligaments, or muscles.

Dog joint supplements

In most occasions, arthritis can be linked to fractures involving the joints, and developmental disorders like dysplasia and hip, congenital disorders, inflammatory joint disease, hormonal and dietary disease, cancer, and degenerative joint disease.

best joint supplement for petsAll these joint diseases break down the smooth cartilage that protects and covers bones that form a joint. Essentially, when bones are exposed, they cause very painful tear and wear. Dogs are more prone to arthritis than any other pet; the larger the dog the more susceptible it is to arthritis.

Arthritis in dogs can be mild, and hence cannot be noticed by most dog owners, even the veterinaries rarely notice especially during the first stages. Sometimes it can be devastating; severely affecting the quality of the life of your pet, and can even cause lameness.

To recognize if your dog is has arthritis you will be able to observe some symptomatic behaviors such as limping, especially after resting or sleeping, stiffness, licking affected joints, swelling in the joints, reluctance to climb stair or jump, typical chewing habits, abnormal weight gain or loss, difficulty in urinating, and any other noticeable pain symptoms.

However, these indicators worsen in a cold or a damp weather so keeping your dog warm may help him be more comfortable.

Adding the best joint supplements for dogs such as pet bounce, Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine, Selenium, and Methylsulfonylmethane to your dog’s diet will help decrease irritations.

Supplements designed for arthritis in dogs help improve the ability of the body to repair damaged tissues, as well as strengthen joint cartilage; hence help in reducing and preventing joint diseases in your pets.

dog joint supplement arthritisEssentially, joint supplements improve cartilage metabolism and regulate proteoglycan synthesis and aids in the lubrication and reconstruction of joints. Moreover, the best joint supplements for dogs are very safe for your dog’s health, and thus rarely cause any serious side effects.

Supplement products usually take a minimum of six weeks to begin to healing the cartilage and some pets requires continued supplementation all through their lives in order to prevent more cartilage breakdown.

While there are many joint supplements in the market nowadays, you should always that you choose the one that is rich in pure human grade quality ingredients for best results. In fact, here are the best joint supplements that you can choose from.

Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

1. Pet bounce

If you would like your dog to be active and very healthy for as long as possible, then you should consider Pet Bounce joint supplement. Pet Bounce is a perfect solution to the debilitating joint pain that’s often caused by arthritis.

It is one of the high-quality joint supplements developed by veterinary experts, and it is the most recommended joint supplement for every dog, regardless of size and breed. Pet Bounce is all-natural plant based homeopathic pain reliever exclusively for dogs and cats. It helps your dog by relieving pain, stiffness, and inflammation associated with joint disorders and arthritis.

Pet Bounce contains homeopathic ingredients such as Apis Mellifica, Colchicum Autumnale 200C, and Ruta Graveolena that are well-known for their healing properties.

These homeopathic ingredients will help in keeping your dog moving, and it is the safest and natural was to lessen joint discomfort, giving your dog a humble time.

It is recommended that you place five drops of Pet Bounce for dogs weighing from 1 to 20 lbs. three times in a day and place ten drops for dogs weighing 20-100 lbs. 3 times in a day for this supplement to be effective. Generally, Pet Bounce is effective and very safe for your dog and it is able to lessen the symptoms your dog may be experiencing safely without causing any sides effects.

P.S. I found cool story about this product – dog joint supplements.

2. Trader Joe’s Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs

Trader Joe’s glucosamine chondroitin for dogs is also one of the most recommended joint supplements. They are tablets with liver flavor; each contains 250mg glucosamine hydrochloride, 250mg glucosamine hydrochloride, and 200mg chondroitin sulfate.

This joint supplement helps in maintaining healthy bone, joint structure, and connectivity tissue by supporting cartilage development. It is recommended that you follow the right directions when administering this supplement to your dog for the best results.

Trader Joe’s glucosamine chondroitin is safe and fast within four to six weeks your pet will be able to fully recover from joint pains caused by arthritis and you will enjoy the company of your dog as usual without any problems.

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They Keep Your Home Safe From Critters

While people enjoy having their homes near wildlife, there are occasions when the animals invade the house and create nuisance causing damage to the property and inflict injuries to the residents and pets. Some website provides specialist professional Critter Control Orlando services for nuisance animal removal and prevention.

Animal Wildlife Trappers, Inc., the family owned wildlife trapping services with more than a decade’s experience specializes in control of critters and removal of animals. Backed by a team of experts in the field they also offer animal entry proofing services that saves your future headaches and costs.

The 24/7 Critter Control Orlando services of some websites includes free animal intrusion inspection, animal & wildlife trapping & removal, dead animal removal together with pest & animal damage repair, and attic cleaning as well.

Critters like armadillo, bat, bees and wasps, bob cats, gophers, mice, more and the exotic animals etc. cause damage to the home and properties. Critter Control Orlando services provided by Animal Wildlife Trappers, Inc. include trapping, removal and preventing of all those.

Animal Wildlife Trappers has different experts who specialize in trapping and removal of specific type of critters and they understand the risk of removing the animal safely with different type of baits and traps. Sometimes the house owners become aware of the presence of an intruder animal when they are dead. Animal Wildlife Trappers has the expertise of removing these and offering preventive measures for potential future intrusion.

At present they are offering coupons for you to get $50 off animal removing services that expire on August 1st, 2015. One any website just click ‘free inspection’ button and you will get a completely free inspection of your home and property detailing the type of the nuisance critter for ultimate humanely removal of those with integrity to the wild life and as per the state laws.

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Musings of a Bohemian: Let’s have Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Staying alone made me bohemian.  Nothing except my working hours follows any schedule.  Like all other FB addicts I ping friends night long and go to bed when it is almost dawn. There were days when I found myself sleeping in the chair as the alarm rang.

Naturally you don’t expect me to have breakfast. Not possible at all. I always had to rush to my office to avoid being late. But skipping breakfast has started taking toll. I do the work as I had to do, but seldom find any energy like Guptaji. He is ever jubilant with his infinite source of energy always staying focused in whatever he does.

But what could be secret trick?  It started hammering me like anything and then after lot of oiling he broke the ice finally. The secret trick is very simple. To kick start a day and stay focused and energetic you should not skip the breakfast.

But where is the time? And I did not like the idea of preparing toast and omelet everyday for breakfast. Following the same routine make me sick always.  Guptaji came to my relief revealing the yummy breakfast recipes that can be made ready in just 2 minutes and made different every day.

All these are cornflakes based. This is used in many Indian and continental recipes for making it high in calories and best in taste. Cornflakes are easily digestible and give enough energy making it a healthy and delicious dish.

What an experience when I had been to Guptaji’s place. Shauluji offered me three course meal all having Kellogg cornflakes. I did not like to wash even after such lip smacking meal.

Seeing my condition Shaluji gave me the recipes of the following nashtas

  • Best Family wala Nashta
  • BFF wala Nashta
  • Chugli wala Nashta
  • Chup Karane wala nashta
  • Celebration wala Nashta
  • First crush wala Nashta
  • Guest ko impress karne wala nashta
  • Homework wala Nashta
  • Jagah banana wala nashta
  • Line Pe Lane Wala Nashta
  • Movie wala Nashta
  • Nakhre wala Nashta
  • Passing the parcel wala Nashta
  • Remote wala Nashta
  • Smile wala Nashta
  • Sanskaar wala Nashta
  • Tiffin wala Nashta
  • Woh wala Nashta

My heart thumped with joy as I received all those yummy recipes and was about to leave when Ritu and Rohan requested to me visit again. My lost attention turned and I stumbled over the threshold.

Getting awake I found myself on the floor as the alarm was ringing with a cracking sound. Again I had no time to breakfast. But I resolved not to skip it again.

Guptaji please call me to your home for your Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta! I am dying for this!

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Together we won the dreaded situation!

Reality is in fact nothing but a perception only. What you can perceive is your reality and what I perceive is mine. And such confessions make us really negative thinkers if not pessimist at some point of life. Being an optimistic always is a real bluff whether we agree or not! There are always ups and downs, but the sweet memories of the past are always real and these help us to pass over the negative thoughts.

Now I shall tell you how I was motivated by my wife in a great turmoil.

It was a usual sunny day of Calcutta in May. I did not go to office for some important personal work. I had to go the bank in the nearby locality for withdrawing a large sum for investing in an apartment. My wife wanted to accompany me but I did not agree.  It was not really needed. The bank was just within a kilometer form where I used to stay then and as I would be taking a rickshaw I did not see any need for a company.

I drew the money, counted the bundles and was putting those in the black bag (I still vividly remember the bag!)  I carried when a lanky and not impressive man standing at the adjacent counter asked me time. I told him 12-15 and wow! The bag carrying the money that was on the wooden platform of the counter was not there.  Turning I saw that the man who asked me time also vanished! Can you imagine the value of Rs24000 thirty years back? I started running like hell in all directions but there was really no trace of the man.

Totally shocked and depressed I returned home. Seeing my expressions my wife could guess that something might have gone wrong. I told her my foolishness and how I lost my entire savings and started weeping. She did not utter a single word and sat by my side with her granite silence.

When I was bit normal she simply told me to forget what has happened. But how can I? How to make the payment? She said she would handle the situation and with a firm voice cancelled the apartment booking. I was taken aback. It was she who nagged me regularly to have our own apartment and now she cancelled that herself!

“Don’t you know that when you reach the bottom you automatically open up the opportunity to rise to the top?” was her consoling words. It struck me as lightning and gave me the strength and motivation to start everything afresh.

She took control of the situation and everyday when I returned from work she used to tell me all sorts of consoling words and her new plans for having our own apartment in the future and only for her I am able to write this blog form the comfort of my own apartment.

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My Story of A New Life

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

And this is absolutely true for all even today! You must be able to tune your inner self to change your life.

Before I start telling you my story, I must confess that it took me long time to recognize that every day is a wonderful gift. Having very lucrative job in corporate sector I used to think everything as simple as anything. I had loving peers and great bosses and enjoyed my job but could hardly give any time to my family due to my frequent official tours.

So I had to think it very seriously weighing the choices that started surfacing in my mind. It was not easy as I had to maintain my family. But attending my family, especially the kids, eventually got the first preference. So, after thinking for some time, one fine evening I returned home earlier and told my kids and wife that I have resigned.

Seems incredible!

But I really did it. Because I was firm that if I cannot give time to my family I would not be able to groom them up properly. But it was a very tough decision at that moment because I had to pay my monthly installment for the new flat acquired besides maintaining my family.

I started tuning up. Thinking what to do next and looking over the possibilities. Of course there were options to join some other firm at junior level but my mind resented to that and I started examining the alternatives.

Then it suddenly stuck me. Why not to try some consultancy and auditing career? With my TQM back ground and long exposure in the industry, I thought I could do that. But it takes time you know. So I had to make another bold (mad at that time!) decision of selling the city executive apartment and moving to a small rented house away to a small city to be free from the burden of paying monthly installments. It turned out to be the most difficult decision I have ever made because my entire family had to adjust to the new economic status.

There was time when I got hardly one project in a month. I was draining off the savings; but I was firm. I started visiting various offices and industry houses offering them my service. Some of them got impressed with my back ground and slowly I started getting offers for various consultancy jobs and also auditing projects like environmental and energy audits. Money started coming in, though not much, but the flow was steadily growing.

Sounds inspiring?

In the meanwhile I obtained certificates as a chartered auditor from globalaccreditation agencies and that drove my profession much further. Now I am a self-made man. My kids have grown up and pursuing higher studies overseas. I again shifted back to a luxurious apartment in the city and serving my clients all over the country.

Now sitting on a rocking chair after a day’s work I get pleasure to think that I could chalk and tune mind to take the hardest decision to start life afresh


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Pampers Baby Diaper Pants – What Is Inside That Make Your Baby Cool

Every child is unique and engendering of a baby is considered to be the happiest movement for the well deserving parents. As the new arrival in the family is everything for the parents it is the ultimate responsibility of the parents to give their child all happiness of the world. Undoubtedly babies are the traditional perks of the parenthood.  As a God’s gift to the world through the parents every child in this planet Earth deserves to be happy in all aspects. Buying the right products for the child is an important aspect of good parenting. Such purchases need to be helpful and offer comforts for the cute infants.

In the above mentioned context the popular Pampers baby diapers play a very significant role in keeping the baby happy in all parts of the day. Read on to know how this wonderful baby’s companion makes the baby happy and dry at all the times in a day.

As diapers are considered to be the most indispensable part of an infant’s life parents need to focus on choosing the right type of diapers from the reputed stores in the local areas. Parents should not be over excited with too many options available to them in the stores. Thanks to the advanced usage of technologies modern diapers come in various forms such as disposable, reusable, pant types and so on. This is the situation as opposed to the diapers of yester years when diapers are just made with ordinary clothes made of cotton.

Know More About Pampers Diapers

There are innumerable brands that make diapers across the world. Established in 1961 the brand Pampers is one among them and the brand has been in the industry in making many baby care products. When it comes to easy-to-use diapers the brand has gained a great reputation in the recent years. As a brand leader Pampers diapers come in various sizes and attractive colors. Interestingly some of these diapers have color-changing feature to highlight the wetness indicating a change. The feature of Magical Gel Can Absorb Quicker babies can happily enjoy an uninterrupted sleep for a longer period.

Why Babies Are Comfortable With Pampers Diapers?

The aspect of ‘five star skin protection’ is known to be the real USP of Pampers diapers. These diapers are designed in such a way that they are breathable and allow the babies skin to be soft all the time. As per the claims made by the company these unique diapers maintain the dry skin to the infants for more than 12 hours. Babies are extremely comfortable with this diaper that comes with the aloe Vera protective layer that eliminate the skin rashes

Great parents need to make their bundle of joy more joyful by keeping their babies always dry by buying bundle of Pampers baby diapers. A baby with this ‘baby suit’ will be surely comfortable in spreading the happiness around the family for many months. After all every baby is a representative of the Almighty in offering love and happiness to the parents as well as the people around.

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Optimism – A Way Of Better Life – Read The Story

The term optimism is not properly understood by many people across the world. To define in simple term, optimism is considered to be an attitude that propels us centered on what is best for the present situation or about the future. We are blessed to live in this world in pleasure as well as in pain wherein optimism is known to be a conscious selective focus on the best. Read on the below story to understand this great word called optimism.

Are We Wealthy?

A young man was cursing himself at his bad luck as he was not having enough money to lead a life he wanted. He was frowning all the days until he met a matured monk from the nearby town. In an accidental conversation, the monk has smelt the unhappiness in the face of the young man and asked him ‘Why are you looking unhappy?. The young man answered promptly that he was unhappy as he is considered as poor and penniless. Soon the monk replied ‘I think you are rich enough and wealthy!’  The puzzled young man has ridiculed the monk by saying ‘Why are you joking’ which has allowed the monk to reply the young man with his own wisdom. He has stated to question the young man by asking; ‘Suppose if one offers you ten thousand dollars to cut your leg off, will you accept that offer?’ ‘Certainly not’ is the reply from the young man.

The monk continued by saying ‘Suppose if someone offers you hundred thousand dollars to scoop your eyes out, will you accept?’ ‘Surely not’ the young man replied. The monk continued by telling the young man ‘Suppose someone offers ten million dollars to take away your life will you accept that?’ ‘Absolutely not’ is the reply that came from the young man. The monk with a sweet smile and told the young man ‘You are already possessed more than ten million dollars in you and why you are lamenting yourself as poor and penniless’. The monk further advised the young man ‘We all come to this world with empty hands and leave this world with bare hands. Though we are considered to be rich or poor we do not take anything from this unrealistic world. The real wealth is hidden in our innermost’.

He further added ‘If only we place our hearts in right places. If only we execute right things at the right times, if only we are content with what we are having, we are never being poor’. The more kindness and love we show to others the more peaceful we will have in this world’. These saying from the monk have opened the eyes of the young man who understood the wisdom of the monk. Later he moved from the scene to lead a better life with contentment.

Moral: Pleasure or pain in life is a matter of attitude that defines the altitude of man or woman. Optimism is the only way in order to live a balanced life. By being positive one can always kill the negative thoughts that ruin the human kind.

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If I were the creator!

Yes, “I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 ”, I told my wife who was worried about my persistent grave look for such a long time .

Until now I have been only criticizing what should have been done. But now the yoke is on my shoulder. I must find out some simple but revolutionary changes to make the new world the absolute best.

So what to do? Several thought were showering; in but none I thought to be worthy for consideration. Let us not touch the nature or the life cycles because these are sensitive issues. The basics of creating a new world should focus on removing the constraints in the fundamental needs.

First of all I will make the entire ocean full of sweet water. This is a serious wrong we have been burdened with since creation of this world. What is the fun of having ¾ part water and ¼ part land if that is not usable? So I would say let there all drinking waters! And there would be so.

Next I will create natural charge collectors large enough for storing the thunder and natural photocells for storing sunrays and using the energy available for the daily use to solve power problem and resolving the present pollution issue. .

So, I have solved two basic problems by making easy changes. But what about transportation? I have thought that too. Being in the creating mode I shall not leave aside the basic amenities. My new world will have super vacuum channels through the centre of the earth for travelling from one part of the glob to the opposite part in a capsule using gravity in just 42 minutes!  None of your concords can even dream such speed and that too without any fuel cost! There will also be solar heli-cars for commutation.

If I were the creator I will transform most parts of the deserts to habitat and agricultural land for the benefit of the people keeping a small part unchanged so that the future generation can have a guess what the deserts were like. There will not be any deforestation so that the wild life is not disturbed or put into extinct as happening today.

I will also create the new population of  human beings all speaking one and the same  language and of same skin color to avoid any misunderstanding in communication , racial discrimination and also to demolish the so called national borders the people are fighting for  at the moment. As they have the same Sun and the same Moon, their upbringing would also be the same so that all can have equal chance to excel in the ambience of fraternity.

Their knowledge bank will be concentrated for the benefits of all and the kids will be taught to be healthy, happy and ethical while they grow so that they teach the same values to their next generation.

And of course having created such an amazing creation I would definitely exclaim with joy and pride of seeing a better world!

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4 Bed Time Rituals to Teach to Toddlers – Tips for Parents

Ideal parents always teach their babies good things or good mannerisms. It is nothing but good parenting can help a kid to become a socially responsible citizen. Moreover, good habits help in character building. Disciplined lifestyle always helps to stay healthy, fit and energetic. One of the activities that we do regularly is sleeping – without a sound sleep, our life will become monotonous. Without proper sleeping, our body can gain toxic elements and our physical as well as mental fitness level goes down significantly. While sleeping, it is important to maintain proper etiquette and hygiene so that one can stay healthy.

It is the sole duty of the parents to teach good sleeping etiquettes to their babies. Learning proper bedtime etiquettes or rituals always help in healthy as well as energetic living. So, here are the 4 bed time rituals that you can teach to your kids:

  1. Maintaining Proper Hygiene

During the sleep, our body organs perform some important jobs and these jobs are regarded as most important to keep our body fit and fine. Scientifically, these activities as a whole have been termed as metabolism. Metabolism helps in proper digestion and unused fat burning. This is why when we sleep we should maintain proper hygiene level. If the hygiene level has not been maintained with precision, you will find that your body will get start accumulating toxins. Presence of high amount of toxins in the body harms overall body balance and also significantly reduces immunity level. Thus, when going to bed, it is important to stay neat and clean. Wash your feet first before going to the bed. Always change cloths and get into simple cotton cloths while sleeping. Change nappy of your toddler before making him or her to sleep. For example, use Pampers Baby dry pants, which does not only stay dry from outside but also stay dry from inside.

  1. A Prayer before Going to Bed

Well, a prayer before going to bed is considered to be pretty old-fashioned stuff. Is not it? However, it has some scientific values. A prayer makes our mind fresh and spurs hopes or happiness. It is always a good habit to go for bed after having a short prayer. It helps to keep our mind stress free.

  1. Bedtime Stories before Going to Bed

Babies like bed time stories before going to bed. This is actually a good habit, as a short and simple story would refresh the minds of your kids. This habit is good even your babies have grown up. It encourages reading story books, which help in enhancing imaginative power as well as creative powers. At the same time, it helps to go to bed releasing all the stresses and anxieties.

  1. Listening to Soft Music

When you sleep make sure that your mind s full of happiness otherwise you will suffer from regular nightmares. Encourage your kids to listen to soft music before they go to bed. It will help them to sleep quickly and most importantly it will help them to sleep without any stresses or anxieties.

You need to make sure that your baby wear a proper diaper so that your baby bed time won’t be disturbed.

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Top 5 Things I Want To Do If I am #BefikarUmarBhar

Real freedom in life only comes with financial freedom. If you want to live life in your own way, you need financial stability. Financial stability is nothing, but a sigh of relief when you know that in future you would not have to struggle for money. We often have so many dreams to chase, but we fail to reach closer to those dreams because of our financial instability. When we know that our life is fully insured and when we can live #BefikarUmarBhar, we can easily chase our dreams. Here are those wishes that would come true if you have financial coverage throughout your life:

  1. A Dream Trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is indeed a dream destination. What can be more interesting than enjoying a trip to such a place with spouse or other family members or even with friends? Snow clad mountain peaks, mesmerizing scenic charms and lush green valleys of Switzerland often magnetize nature lovers or travelers from different parts of the world. A trip to Switzerland is costly and this is why even after having a dream to visit this place, we fail to plan the trip. Just because of financial instability, we end up with a trip to Shimla, instead of Switzerland. When life is #BefikarUmarBhar, a trip to Switzerland definitely seems to be feasible.

  1. Freedom of Investment – Becoming Rich

If you want to become rich, you cannot do that with just mere savings. Savings or insurances are important for financial stability, but if you want to become rich you need to invest your money in various equity fund schemes or share market schemes. When you know that you have the security deposit for your life in safe hand, you will certainly look to gain more wealth. With your excessive money, you can invest in various equity funds or share market schemes to multiply your wealth.

  1. Planning for Daughter’s Marriage

Daughter’s marriage is not just a mere liability of the parent rather a moment of happiness. Every parent wants to see their daughter happy on her wedding day. Planning for daughter’s marriage is a matter of immense financial planning. You can plan a true ‘big fat wedding’ to make your daughter pleased at the optimum level, when you have financial freedom to make expenses.

  1. A Seamless Life after Retirement

Life after retirement may become difficult if you do not have proper financial planning. Everyone has a dream to enjoy a life with self-esteem and respect after retirement. This will only happen if you have financial freedom. When you can stay #BefikarUmarBhar, retired life becomes more enjoyable and seamless.

  1. Buying a Car

A four wheeler is always a part of dream of every individual. However, it is a big investment, especially if you want to buy your dream expensive car. Well, you can certainly make your dream come true, if you have economic freedom. For this, we need to have our life completely insured, with accurate finance planning.  So, buy your dream car – enjoy long rides with your family or spouse – make life more interesting.

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