4 Bed Time Rituals to Teach to Toddlers – Tips for Parents

Ideal parents always teach their babies good things or good mannerisms. It is nothing but good parenting can help a kid to become a socially responsible citizen. Moreover, good habits help in character building. Disciplined lifestyle always helps to stay healthy, fit and energetic. One of the activities that we do regularly is sleeping – without a sound sleep, our life will become monotonous. Without proper sleeping, our body can gain toxic elements and our physical as well as mental fitness level goes down significantly. While sleeping, it is important to maintain proper etiquette and hygiene so that one can stay healthy.

It is the sole duty of the parents to teach good sleeping etiquettes to their babies. Learning proper bedtime etiquettes or rituals always help in healthy as well as energetic living. So, here are the 4 bed time rituals that you can teach to your kids:

  1. Maintaining Proper Hygiene

During the sleep, our body organs perform some important jobs and these jobs are regarded as most important to keep our body fit and fine. Scientifically, these activities as a whole have been termed as metabolism. Metabolism helps in proper digestion and unused fat burning. This is why when we sleep we should maintain proper hygiene level. If the hygiene level has not been maintained with precision, you will find that your body will get start accumulating toxins. Presence of high amount of toxins in the body harms overall body balance and also significantly reduces immunity level. Thus, when going to bed, it is important to stay neat and clean. Wash your feet first before going to the bed. Always change cloths and get into simple cotton cloths while sleeping. Change nappy of your toddler before making him or her to sleep. For example, use Pampers Baby dry pants, which does not only stay dry from outside but also stay dry from inside.

  1. A Prayer before Going to Bed

Well, a prayer before going to bed is considered to be pretty old-fashioned stuff. Is not it? However, it has some scientific values. A prayer makes our mind fresh and spurs hopes or happiness. It is always a good habit to go for bed after having a short prayer. It helps to keep our mind stress free.

  1. Bedtime Stories before Going to Bed

Babies like bed time stories before going to bed. This is actually a good habit, as a short and simple story would refresh the minds of your kids. This habit is good even your babies have grown up. It encourages reading story books, which help in enhancing imaginative power as well as creative powers. At the same time, it helps to go to bed releasing all the stresses and anxieties.

  1. Listening to Soft Music

When you sleep make sure that your mind s full of happiness otherwise you will suffer from regular nightmares. Encourage your kids to listen to soft music before they go to bed. It will help them to sleep quickly and most importantly it will help them to sleep without any stresses or anxieties.

You need to make sure that your baby wear a proper diaper so that your baby bed time won’t be disturbed.