5 Cheap Dog Winter Apparel

Do you adore your dogs? Are you a responsible owner for your dogs? If your answer is yes for these questions then you should be aware of the winter dog clothes you need to provide for your canines during its winter. Dogs don’t have the ability to talk and convey their discomfort and sickness during the cold striking winter season. So it is your great responsibility to take care of them with winter apparels like dog winter jackets, fleece cozy coats and jackets, blanket coat, Hoodie vest etc. Winter shopping for your pets would be a wonderful experience as you will find a variety and colorfulness among their winter apparels.

5 Cheap Dog Winter Apparel

Let your dog winter apparel give more preference for their comfort rather than for their beauty as these winter apparels are going to safeguard them against the chilly nights and days. Chihuahuas, Pugs, Lhasa apsos and the other short hair dogs need extra layered apparel for keeping them warm. Don’t forget to consider your dog’s size in selecting the apparel as the size of the apparel should match your pet’s size.

For your flexibility you can find lot of cheap dog winter apparel over the market. Dog turtlenecks, Dog Hoodies, Cheap Dog Winter Jackets, Dog Sweaters, Dog Winter Coats and Dog Shoes and Socks are some of the varieties you could come across the winter apparel. Here you find the details of 5 cheap dog winter apparels to help you in making a decision in selecting the right winter cloth for your lovable dogs.

Dog Jackets

Dog Winter Clothes -  Winter JacketsWinter Rain Jackets would protect your dogs from wets during their winters and keep them dry over the days and nights. No more smell from your dogs due to the winter wetness as it is going to wear on the dog jackets. These jackets include reversible rain jackets, rain jacket with a reflective strip, rain paw etc. and their price ranges from $7 to $35.

Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters

Warm dog sweaters are stretchable types to fit your dogs and keep them warm throughout their winters. These dog sweaters also come with a rear leg straps to help keep the sweater in place over your pet’s body. It is a comfy fit for your dog and also makes them look stylish when they are on their sweaters. Dog sweaters are of many types including plaid sweaters, knit sweaters, creek sweaters etc. The price ranges from $10 to $30.

Dog Hoodies

Dog Hoodies

Hoodie Sweatshirts are soft and comfortable for your dogs, with a hood to give extra warmth for them and it also has an optional cuff and waistband for a dog’s grandeur look. Hoodies come in different sizes with price variations of $15 to $20.

Dog Winter Coats

Dog Winter Coats

Winter puffy coat, Hooded dog coat, Nylon dog snowsuit, Reflective dog coat is some of dog winter coat types which come elegant colors with varied sizes. These winter coats keep your canine friend warm and comfortable to escape from the winter chillness. The winter coats price starts from $2 to $80.

Dog Shoes and Socks

We tend to forget to care about the dog’s paws which will lead to winter cracks over the pet’s legs and in order to prevent this you can avail the dog shoes and socks to keep their paws warm which comes with a price range of $6 to $8.

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Are you looking for Large Dog Jackets?

Taking care of your large dogs with their apparel selection is not an easier task as the size variations may end up in confusions. Winter is yet another harder season for the dog owners as selecting winter dog clothes is still more confusing for them. It is the season where your dog needs special care with the clothing because of the chill weather which may affect them with various illnesses  Go with the dog jackets for winter which would be a good option to make them stay warm over their winters. As shops showcase the different varieties of winter apparel for your little dogs to look stylish and trendy they provide clothing for your large breeds like coats, jackets, booties etc.

Jackets for dogs

Large breeds like Hounds, Sheepdogs, Retrievers and Spaniels need the large dog jackets for winter so as to fit their huge physique. Everyone knows selecting a dog jacket accordingly to fit their large body would be like solving a puzzle but apparel manufactures make your job easy by providing a range of clothing suitable for your larger dogs. Anyone who cares and adores their dog would strain themselves in finding the right jackets for dogs with anxiety which shows how important the dogs mean to them.

It is always better to measure your dog with the advised measurement rules in order to make the buying worthy. Here are some of the large dog jackets for winter with the size variations starting matching your dog’s height ranging from 45cm to 80cm.

Windpro Fleece Large Dog Jackets – It is a comfortable dog jacket made out of windpro fleece which is a special fleece with a double layered windproof shield to protect your dog against the cold winter.

Windpro Fleece Large Dog Jackets

Reversible Casual Jacket for Large Dogs – It is more or less like their casual wear with extra loop and hook closure in front of your dog’s chest to give a classy look. It is reversible jacket which can be used on both sides which comes in lightweight option.

Reversible Casual Jacket for Large Dogs

Jacket with Reflective Strip Option – Jacket features with a hood, back pocket, stretchable leg strap, adjustable belly strap and a leash for your dog’s comfort in wearing the jacket.

WeatherBeeta Landa Jacket – It’s a stylish but comfortable jacket with a strong denier layer for protecting them against the chilly winter. The fabric used on the jacket is breathable fabric and an adjustable strap to fit your large dogs.

WeatherBeeta Landa Jacket

Measurement tips for your large dogs for getting a perfect winter jacket

The male dogs’ measurements vary with that of female dogs and here are some measurement tips for their apparel

  1. Length – The height should be considered with the standing position of your from the surface level with his front legs right below him and the hind legs should be in the “show stack” position.
  2. Neck – Measured around its neck by having the starting point from where your dog’s collar rest.
  3. The Girth – Measured around its the biggest part of its ribcage down and ending up with just behind its front legs till the other side of its chest.

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