Sufficient Nutritional Requirements for Your Pet

Pets require sufficient nutrition for sustaining lively. They require exclusively balanced diet in correct proportions, just like human beings. Their complete diet should be able to offer them the necessary daily requirements of the following –

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber
  • Protein and specific amino acid
  • Energy

In case your pet is facing several health issues, try to feed quality food with sufficient vitamin and mineral content and See the Difference In 90 Days.

Kibble In Bowl
Kibble In Bowl

Source: Petbrosia

Mineral requirements

Minerals are necessary inorganic compounds, which contribute a lot in strengthening teeth and bones of dogs. Minerals also play a major role to maintain balance of fluid in animal body. They also help in effective metabolic reactions that ultimately provides energy for perform various physical activities. Minerals like phosphorus and calcium is necessary for growth of strong bones and teeth. Iron also plays a major role to develop healthy body by transporting enough oxygen throughout the body. It is necessary to feed pet animals with sufficient fresh meat and carbohydrate to substitute daily mineral requirement.

Vitamin requirements

Vitamins act as catalyst to initiate enzyme reactions. Vitamins help pets to carry normal metabolic function. Vitamin A and E plays the role of antioxidants, therefore helps to reduce premature aging and fights diseases. Vitamin also adds to eyesight and skin health. Liver and eggs contain abundant amount of vitamin A and E that is required for pets.

Fiber requirements

Food with fiber is a real necessity for proper metabolic function and bowel movement. Fiber is a natural variety of carbohydrate that plays crucial role to manage diarrhea. Pets require low or moderately fermentable fibers, like cellulose. Beet pulp is best as a constituent of daily diet for pets. You can also include small amount of brans in everyday diet of your pets.

Protein and amino acid requirement

Proteins constitute the main element of cells, organs, tissues, antibodies, hormones and enzymes. They play active role in reproduction, repairing damages tissues, contributes to growth factor etc. In a similar way, amino acids are the major component of protein. These elements are not synthesized in animal body, therefore should be supplied in major quantities through dietary supplements. Fish and egg constitutes major amino acid and protein content. You can also offer your pet exclusive diet of lamb, chicken, beef or turkey to meet their daily protein requirements. Raw eggs are considered best for pets in this respect.

Energy supplements for pets

Dogs get most energy from fat content. Fats are essentially food energy that is found in concentrated form. Fats offer almost double energy that proteins or carbohydrates can deliver. Energy in the form of fat is necessary for maintaining cell structure and even hormone production. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid are vital for animal body and helps in quick healing process. A number of fish oil and salmon are abundant store houses of such essential fatty acids that cater to daily energy requirements of all living beings, including pet animals. However, since pet animals require these essential fatty acids in greater quantity, it is necessary to feed them fixed-formula food to ensure proper dosage of fatty acids in their diet.

About Petbrosia

Petbrosia manufactures highest quality pet food. The company started operations in July 2012. They are reputed to help pet owners on various custom blends of food according to the activity level, breed and age of their pet dogs. Are you willing to See the Difference In 90 Days? Then feed Petbrosia pet food to your dog or cat.

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10 Healthy Foods for Labrador Retriever

Dogs like to eat all the time. They need to be trained to control their eating habit. They have the tendency to eat anything left over the ground. Owners need to train their dogs not to eat left-over food in order to keep them healthy. A healthy diet also makes dogs healthier and energetic. Labrador retrievers are one of the most adorable breeds that like to get familiar with humans. They require a little attention towards dietary provisions. Here are 10 healthy food for Labrador Retrievers that would help to keep your poo highly energetic.

Chicken meat for Labradors

To start with, chicken meat works wonders for Labrador Retrievers. This breed of dog requires at least 50 per cent of animal protein in the diet. Mix the chicken with vegetable and fruits to make a complete diet.

Chicken meat for labradors
Chicken meat for labradors

Source: ColorBox

Labrador protein requirement

Labrador Retrievers require fresh meat to make up their protein requirements. In addition, poultry and fish would also help to cater to the protein requirement. Meat of rich organs would certainly be the most nutritious food for them. Kidneys, liver and heart are best in this category. Apart from these, salmon and other fish would suit best.

Labrador protein requirement
Labrador protein requirement

Source: Blogspot

Certain dairy food for Labradors

You can also go for a number of dairy products to feed your Labrador; however, check the level of fat in the ingredients. Labrador Retrievers are highly susceptible to gain excessive weight; therefore, it is necessary to feed them calorie-less food.

Dairy food
Dairy food

Source: ColorBox

Vitamin and Calcium supply for Labradors

Do not forget to include vitamins and essential minerals in the diet of your pet. Labradors require sufficient amount of calcium support in their diet, daily. This even helps to make their bones and teeth stronger. Powdered egg shells act as a natural calcium supplement for Labrador Retrievers.

Vitamin and Calcium supply
Vitamin and Calcium supply


Essential oil as part of food

Fatty acid from essential oil helps your Labrador breed to maintain a healthy skin with shiny hair. Fatty acid even keeps the skin coat waterproof. Olive oil, vegetable oil and oil of flaxseed are highly recommended in the diet of these breed of dogs. However, use fresh oil for your dog, since there is less chance of getting affected with any gastric problem.

Healthy skin
Healthy skin

Source: ItsALabThing

Carbohydrate supply

Complex carbohydrates are also essential. Include sweet potato and brown rice in the diet of your Labrador poo, since they are rich in complex carbohydrate content. In order to boost their digestive system include fruits and vegetables in abundance – cauliflower, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pears and green beans.

Carbohydrate supply
Carbohydrate supply

Source: FoodieLady

Magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplement

Apart from these, Labrador breeds require ample amount of magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous. A diet consisting of chondroitin and glucosamine would also be essential. Bovine and chicken cartilages would definitely be the best variety of food to overcome many health problems.

magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplements
magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplements

Source: Farm9.StaticFlickr

Dry food variant

You can also choose healthy dry food for your pet of Labrador species. Kibbles are the best variant regarding dry dog food.  Dry foods for dogs help in removing accumulated plague from the teeth.

Dry food variant
Dry food variant

Source: LabradorRetrieverGuide

Hypoallergenic food

In case you are planning to go for canned dog food then several brand of hypoallergenic food for dogs would do the trick. California Natural, Addiction Dog Food etc., can serve best in this regard.

Hypoallergenic food
Hypoallergenic food

Source: Amazon

Holistic food

Lastly, you can also check out a number of holistic food varieties for your dog. Raw diets and holistic food variants offer required amount of essential nutrition. They are devoid of fillers that are mostly harmful for dog’s health.

Hollistic nutrition
Hollistic nutrition

Source: CDN2-B.Examiner

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How to Prepare Healthy Dog Food at Home

Dogs are carnivore in nature although they can survive on vegetarian diet. They require sufficient amount of protein content in their diet to stay fit and healthy. However, it is best to offer them organic food rather than canned eatables. Check out some healthy food ideas for your pet doggy.

Prepare Healthy Dog Food at Home
Prepare Healthy Dog Food at Home

Source: Apple Pie USA

Some tasty and healthy dog food that can be prepared at home

Experts certainly recommend offering homemade food to dogs. They are best in nature and you can also take care while choosing the right ingredients for your pet.

Peanut butter cookie

Organic cookies made of peanut butter can certainly be a good diet for your pet. Better quality of peanut butter can also be made at home using peanut oil and peanuts. Prepare peanut butter cookie using whole grain flour, oats, honey, fish oil and homemade peanut butter.

Process to prepare

Step 1: Heat the oven slightly.

Step 2: Mix oat and flour, add water to produce dough.

Step 3: Mix all other ingredients in the dough and make it thick.

Step 4: Create smaller pieces of the dough and bake them as cookies over a baking sheet. Cool the cookies before serving your pet.

Pumpkin ball snacks

Prepare homemade pumpkin ball snacks rich in potassium, beta-carotene and essential vitamins for your canine pet. Pumpkin, vegetable oil and molasses content would certainly be a healthy alternative for your pup.

Process to prepare

Step 1: Mix the ingredients in a bowl; add some wheat flour (whole) and little baking powder.

Step 2: Make small scoops and bake them under moderate temperature till the dough balls are slightly hardened.

Step 3: Bake until the dough balls appear slightly brownish.

It is better to offer homemade healthy treat to canine pets rather than checking out canned food from the stores. Try out other tasty treats to keep your dog healthy.

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Top 5 Foods for Puppy Dogs

Puppy dogs need enough care and a healthy diet for proper nurturing. Like human babies, they too require sufficient amount of protein and minerals in their food in order to attain healthy growth and development. You can try out the following top 5 meals for your puppy and offer it a healthy life.

Chicken- To start with, chicken is an essential component that would provide highest amount of protein and nutrition to puppies. Chicken and rice is perhaps the best combination that offers ample amount of carbohydrate and protein, which is essential for puppies for proper physical growth and acquiring stamina. Chicken is also easy to digest.


Source: Dog-Pictures.ThePaw

Dry Food- You can also check out certain dry puppy food that is available at stores. Just check out the ingredients of such food before buying. They should contain sufficient amount of vitamins, fats, minerals and protein. Dry puppy food can also be mixed with little water so that any puppy can savor it with ease.

Dry food
Dry food

Source: PetShots.AffordableVetClinicJax

Home Food- Apart from looking for prepared food from stores, you can also prepare puppy food at home and serve your little pet. Pulses, fish and vegetable should be the crux of food items that a puppy needs to eat almost everyday in order to attain favorable growth rate and increased energy. However, take proper care that you do not serve excessive amount of food to your pup; otherwise, it may face serious danger, including overeating symptoms and even obesity.

Home food
Home food

Source: Woof.Doggyloot

Beet and Carrot Pulp- You can even add beet pulp and carrot to everyday food intake of your puppy. Beet pulp offers ample fiber with immense amount of nutrients. The pulp even feed the bacteria present in the colon of puppies, which helps to keep your pup healthy.

Beet and carrot pulp
Beet and carrot pulp

Source: Waggle

Omega Fatty Acid- Food containing rich omega fatty acid offers immense help to develop stronger immune system of puppies.  Such fatty acid rich food even helps to develop healthy skin and shinier fur of little pups. Therefore try to add at least a diet of salmon fish preparation every day for your pup.

Omega fatty acid
Omega fatty acid

Source: Blogspot

These are some of the effective puppy food ideas that you can try to fed your loved pet.

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Is morning dog food nutritious to it??

Importance of feeding a healthy breakfast for your precious canine friend has never been underlined enough until today. You need to understand the fact that for keeping your dog strong and healthy it is essential that you provide him delicious and nutritious dog food that has been enriched with all the important nutrients. The breakfast that your dog consumes helps in repairing body tissues that are injured and in generating essential energy for performing his everyday metabolic activities. This piece of information has been confirmed according to the recent research study that was conducted by the dedicated team of Researchers at the University of Kentucky.

Dog Breakfast

Feed your loyal canine with dog food for excellent performance

The team separated the canines in to two batches according to which one lot consists of trained dogs that were fed breakfast and the other lot with dogs that were left to starve without any food in the morning. They carefully watched the search performance of both these categories after 30 minutes. To their amazement they found that the fed dogs searched with more accuracy than those that were fasting. Dr. Holly Miller and colleague Charlotte Bender confirmed the study and its result in the recent issue of the journal Behavioral Processes.

Dr. Miller said that he was urged to research on this fact after reading the news about children performing miraculously with excellence after eating their breakfast. Therefore he wondered if the same formulae will happen in the performance of dogs as well. Thus Dr. Miller along with Ms. Bender started tested the performance of trained few domestic dogs after eating breakfast and some of them without food consumption. The dogs that ate in the morning were more active and accurate while searching for some hidden food, whereas those dogs that starved in the morning were not performing well.

How was the research done?

 Dr. Miller has previously demonstrated the fact that energy levels of dogs are interconnected with the self-control that they portray. And the fed dogs were more disciplined with self-control that those that were hungry when they were tested. This unveils the truth that those dogs that ate food were enriched with high energy level. After this test both the batches of dogs were shown a delicious mouthwatering edible treat which were later hidden in six containers. The search for the yummy treat began and the dogs that ate the breakfast were accurate in finding the food faster than those dogs that were hungry for more than 12 hours. Dr. Miller exclaimed that his research confirms the fact that breakfast increases the performance in dogs.

Importance of well-balanced diet

Dr. Miller agreed that the commercial dog food consumed by our canine loyal friends is usually manufactured with rich content of carbohydrates and therefore this might be considered as the reason for fluctuations found in the working mechanism of the trained dogs since it keeps changing according to the sugar levels in the body. If you are wondering whether this is the same with other wild dogs such as wolves and jackals, you will be amazed to know that it is a big NO.

Yes, when these wild animals hunt and eat raw meat that contains low carbohydrate than the commercial dog food that the pet dogs eat their brain automatically grab glucose from other optional sources such as ketone bodies. This is the reason why the wild counterparts of dogs are dangerously furious and out of control when they are hungry. Therefore working dogs or pet dogs, every friendly canine needs to eat nutritious dog food that is richly filled with adequate portions of fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins for increasing the energy level and enabling them to excel in their performance.

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Millie & Lindsey

Loyal Friend Introduces an Amazing Weight Loss Regime for the Owner

Every person wants to be fit and hates to be obese. And therefore they try hard to maintain the overweight issue in a healthy way. This will affect intensely the self-esteem of the person suffering from the weight. The weight loss programs and exercises are offering promises to make you thin within a few day period of time but they are not healthy. People get inspired by the unflattering portrait of the skinny girls and crave to be like them, which pushes them to the edge. The Lindsey Evans was motivated by her loving dog Millie that helped her find the right path to stay fit and healthy.

Millie the beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback lost intense weight since she starved to death. But she was rescued and saved by Lindsey who took care of the sweet breed as a new mom TLC. Instead of the dog food the dog enjoyed the junk food treat that is shared by Lindsey greedily. This made her gain weight up to 126 that was considered as twice healthy by doctors for her breed and size. And Lindsey also had gained much weight and reached the peak of 350 pounds that dripped her with self-empathy and depression.

Millie & Lindsey

When she took her loyal friend to the vets for a leg operation they were simply worried about Millie’s girth. And therefore they decided to put her on a crash diet that allowed her to lose 70 pounds in a healthy way. This greatly inspired Lindsey who was in her ends of 30s now and so she decided to follow the secret weight loss program as prescribed for her dog.

Lindsey started on her diet and curbed herself from eating junk foods. Lindsey was thrilled to see the miraculous weight loss happening to her body without exercising but with pure diet planning that excludes sugar and fatty food stuffs. She lost those extra calories amazingly and achieved her weight of 140 pounds within a few days. Lindsey exclaimed with joy that she would have never done it without the help of Millie her adorable pet!

Image/News Source :

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Hills and Royal Canin dog food: Healthy Solutions

Hills dog food originates from 1939, when the vet, Dr Mark Morris opened the first clinic for family pets. The first commercially available pet food was developed by Dr Morris when he treated a dog, called Buddy, with kidney disease, the food was low in salt, yet high in nutritional value and flavour and became known as Hills Prescription Diet k/d. Royal Canin are concerned, primarily with the age, activity, breed size and lifestyle of the dog when creating individual diets, being the first to introduce specific diets for large breed puppies in 1980 and the first to satisfy different nutritional needs for small, medium and large breeds of dog in 1997.

Hills leading brands are: the Prescription Diet, Science Plan, Vetessentials and Nature’s Best. The Hills Prescription Diet aids against numerous diseases such as, urinary conditions, dermatology problems, renal disease, mobility issues, gastro-intestinal disease and obesity. The Hills Science Plan dog food provides a nutritionally balanced diet determined by the dog’s size, age, sensitivity, breed and special need(s), whilst also containing a clinically proven anti-oxidant formula. Vet-essentials contains highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres, suitable levels of fat and protein, high levels of omega six fatty acids promoting a healthy skin and coat, the correct amount of omega 3 fatty acids to maintain healthy bones and joints and unique kibble technology providing a clinically proven cleaning action. Lastly Nature’s Best offers a combination of natural ingredients with added minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, the brand also contains no added artificial preservatives, flavours or colourants, no wheat, soya, egg or dairy products.

Royal Canin have products suitable for the particular breed of a dog, extra small dogs, mini dogs, medium dogs, maxi dogs and giant dogs. The Breed Health Nutrition product fulfils the special needs of each breed and has uniquely designed kibbles to match the age of the dog and the size of their jaw. The Extra Small Health Nutrition refers to dogs whose adult weight is 0-4 kg, whilst the Mini Health Nutrition product refers to dogs with an adult weight of 4-10 kg.  Medium dogs are classed between 11-25 kg, maxi dogs between 26-44 kg and finally giant dogs are 45 kg or more. Each differently sized dog has special requirements.

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Midas at 1 year!

Best dog food for puppies – Know the unknown

Choosing the best dog food for puppies is the prime fact about pet care. Best dog food for puppies are also being recommended by different veterans across the world. If your puppy doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it will not grow properly and will not be able to be member of your family. Nowadays, different companies are manufacturing Dog foods are of different types like there is best dry dog food for puppies, best dog food for large breed puppies and best dog food for shih tzu puppies. The dog foods include such food supplements that a pet love to eat and enjoy eating.

Best dog food brand for puppies:

There is huge collection of best dog for puppies that belongs to the category of Best dog food for puppies.  In order to choose the best brand of Best dog food for puppies you have to go for the brand that include non-chemical supplements in the product. There are a few companies that use different types of by-products to prepare the food.  It can be anything like the diseased body or carcasses of euthanized wilds, which will harm your puppy more than giving it necessary nutrients. Thus it is imperative to learn about the product in detail, before you shop for any brand. It is best to consult with the veterinarian to decide which brand will be a good one for the puppy. However, there are a few recommended brands that make use of:

  • High protein elements
  • Plant supplements
  • Milk products

So, you should always stick to these brands to shop for Best dog food for puppies.

Best dog food for boxer puppies:

Corn product based foods are the best dog food for puppies. You can opt for corn syrup, corn gluten meal, corm meal or plain corns to feed a boxer puppy. However, always stay away from the wheat products. Food and vegetables based foods are also good for a boxer puppy.

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Bone Shaped Chews

How to Plan the Diet for the Dog? Canned Dog Food is highly preferable

Dog foods and puppy food are various and you have to find that one that will be excellent source of minerals and also protein source. Dog foods will make the dog healthy.

Canned dog food, natural dog food and other kinds of dog diet are excellent source for long life. Pet food industry is well developed and it is necessary to find dog foods and supplement additional that will suit your dog.

Is Canned Dog Food Really Useful?

When you see plenty of dog foods and supplement additional in the supermarket, you want to get them. Pay attention to food ingredients, if they have quality protein and what is better to get, as the choice of canned dog food is really wide. Click & compare different kinds of dog foods and supplement additional, study food ingredients full of high quality protein and ingredients that are useful and will provide your dog with energy and beauty. Cans are good as protein source.

Canned food is good because it is source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene for your dog. Different kinds of food and supplement additional will be good for any dog just look at food ingredients. Potato canned dog, chicken & beef, chicken & rice, lamb & rice, brown rice let your pet to choose the favorite! Sweet potato formula has all ingredients that are necessary.

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Softchews Hip & Joint For Large Dogs 8.73oz

In fact canned dog food is really useful and is a good protein source there are several proofs of this fact.

Canned dog food serves as a hot lunch and quality protein and other real-food ingredients for the dog. As a person can’t live without hot dishes, the dog can’t be healthy and active without canned dog food.

Canned dog food is full of such necessary real-food ingredients, like minerals, quality protein, vitamins that help the dog to keep the health in good condition. Thus if you go somewhere to have a rest canned dog will be on purpose.
Canned dog food usually has cereals among real-food ingredients.

Click & compare canned food.

What is Better for the Dog, Canned food, Dry Food or Natural Food?

Canned food will benefit because it is useful. What is better to get for the pet – canned dog food, natural dog food or dry food.

  1. Dry dog food is irreplaceable during the summertime. It will provide the pet for quality protein. This Click & compare different kinds of dry dog food.
  2. Canned dog food is full of high quality protein, you will be sure that your pet gets the whole set of star rating products. Star rating products keep the stomach of the dog healthy. Canned food will benefit over all the other kinds of.

Turkey & sweet potato, lamb & sweet potato, whitefish & sweet potato, duck & sweet potato, chicken & sweet potato, brown rice – all those kinds of delicious food will make the diet of your dog tasty and serve as high quality protein. May be your pet will try turkey & sweet potato, lamb & sweet potato, whitefish & sweet potato, duck & sweet potato, chicken & sweet potato,  brown rice and choose its favorite kind.

Natural dog food is necessary for every dog. Real-food ingredients will strengthen the immune system. High quality protein for sure must be among the ingredients.

How to Choose Canned Dog Food Correctly

Producers of canned dog food are different and they put all the necessary ingredients. High quality protein is necessary for any dog.

Getting canned dog food for your pet you have to pay attention to the ingredients that are there.

  1. Of course the dog that is small enough ingredients that are in the food must be fresh and balanced.
  2. Puppy food is special among dog foods. It must have food ingredients that will provide your dog for energy. The food must be excellent source of proteins and minerals. Take the canned food, for example brown rice and meat. Meat will be good as protein source.
  3. Adult canned dog food will help the animal to keep its fit.
  4. Adult canned dog food differs from that one which is given to the puppy.

Puppies need supplement additional to do well. Don’t forget about real-food ingredients when you get canned puppy food. Provide your dog for everything necessary.

Canned adult dog food, unlike canned puppy food will be on purpose for dogs of different breeds. Canned adult dog food can be used to solve some important problem your dog has. Large breed adult canned will provide really massive dogs with well balanced ration. Get large breed adult canned for your dog.

The best canned dog food will help to keep the weight of the dog normal and will serve as source of vitamins.

Many kinds of canned puppy food are liked by pets not less than meat or poultry. Sweet potato canned dog will be good for the pet, but give it not so often as sweet potato canned dog can cause overweight.

Every dog breed needs special care. Thus dog with an excellent longhair will source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene for it. Dog with an excellent sports body will demand the other complex of minerals. Potato canned dog will suit any breed.

Food is excellent source of vitamins. But you have to combine that excellent source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene attentively.

Pet Tabs Plus 60 ct Bottle

Planning the Diet for the Dog

Create a special treat to your dog and it will be thankful to you. It is not easy to create a special treat. You should plan the food for the dog, fill it with minerals and beta-carotene, get potato canned dog for pets. Look for dog food reviews.

Food is excellent source of high quality energy and activity for everyday life.

You should pay attention to such principles when you plan the diet for the dog. Excellent source of high quality complex of vitamins is natural food and canned food as well. Dog food reviews will help you.

  1. Natural dog food must be the basis of the meals of your pet. The variety of natural dog food is impressive and you have to pay a lot of attention to choosing it. Such food is source of high quality of minerals, proteins and vitamins. The variety for your dog is necessary as various kinds of food will provide for various nutrients. Meat or poultry will work well!
  2. Try to avoid chocolate. But add sweet potato formula, meat or poultry. They take the first place in star rating of useful products. You have to give all those elements to dog or supplement additional source of necessary nutrients. Create list of approved foods. Chicken & beef, chicken & rice, lamb & rice will be on purpose.
  3. Pet food industry offers that dry food must be present in the menu of the pet. Give your dog food of that kind. It is excellent source of quality protein. Repeat delivery price – it will impress you!
  4. The variety for your dog will help you to keep it healthy. Feed well your dog or supplement additional complex of vitamins will be unavoidable. Give the dog dry food to create good diet for her. Repeat delivery price – it is not so high.
  5. Canned food must contain at least 30% of the ration of the dog. It will provide for supplement additional nutritional needs. Supplement additional nutritional needs is important. Those dog owners who prefer canned food will help their dogs live well and develop their skills. To prefer canned food will be useful.

Pet food industry offers the right diet for the dog. Study dog food reviews to find the best variant and repeat delivery price. Find the source of high quality. You need to know dog food that best suits your pet. Food that best suits and is tasty will do a lot of good to a dog!

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Natural Dog Food

Types of dry dog food for your pet

Sometimes, making decisions about healthy dog food can seem difficult, especially in a situation where the market is flooded with pet food brands that claim to be the best solution for both family and pets. The first decision you may want to consider is opting for natural dog food for your pet, as this will help you to narrow down to dog food ingredients that do no harm to your beloved pet.

Natural Dog FoodEven after making this decision, you will find that providing the right nutritional requirements for your dog is not as easy as dashing off to the nearest pet store and purchasing the best dog food they can offer you. It will be a process of transition into a new way of life.

Why pick natural dog food?

Natural dog food is healthier. This is the simple truth. It has no artificial additives like color, unnatural flavor, preservatives or other fillers.

First steps towards making the right choice

When deciding what the best dog food for your pet is, you should also bear in mind that dogs have different dietary requirements at all life stages. What they eat also depends on the age, size and type of dog. However, every dog needs a balanced diet.

To help you in this process you can do the following:

  1. Learn about the dietary requirements of your dog throughout the different stages of life to determine its dietary requirements as a puppy, adult or senior dog.
  2. Inform yourself about the different types of natural dog food which often come packaged either as dry dog food or canned dog food.
  3. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of feeding your dog dry dog food instead of raw food.
  4. Find out which pet food brands provide dog food and consult your veterinarian to decide which brands have the best dog food for your pet.
  5. Include the cost of your dog’s food into your weekly or monthly budget.
  6. Purchase dog foods from the pet food brands which only produce natural and healthy dog food.

Dry dog food vs. canned dog food: Which is better?

You may be conflicted about on whether to purchase dry dog food or canned dog food. To help you in making this decision, it may be helpful to discuss with your veterinarian about the nutrient content of each. Also, you could consider the following points and see what is more important for you and your pet.

  1. Dry dog foods are generally easier to store, measure and serve to your dog.
  2. Dry dog foods strengthen your dog’s teeth and make the stool more firm.
  3. Dry dog foods are economical; you will spend less on feeding your dog.
  4. The best kind of dry dog food will contain all the necessary nutrients for your dog.

The best dog foods

Below is a list of pet food brands which have produced some of the best dog foods and which could just be the right step forward for both family and pets.

Innova EVO 95% Chicken and Turkey

1.   It is a canned dog food which is high in proteins and digestible fats.

Innova EVO Turkey and Chicken formula

  1. It is a dry dog food with a turkey and chicken flavor which also comes as a small bites food.
  2. It is grain free and very high in meat-based protein which makes it tasty for dogs
  3. It has naturally occurring microorganisms and Omega-3 fatty acids in this food which make it easy to absorb
  4. The protein contained in Evo Turkey and Chicken helps to strengthen your pet’s bones and muscles.

EVO 95% Chicken & Turkey

  1. This is a canned dog food.
  2. Just like in Evo Turkey and Chicken formula, the top ingredients in this chicken and turkey concentrated food are meat-based proteins, linoleic acid and omega- fatty acids.
  3. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Iams Healthy Naturals

  1. For all lifes stages , Iams Healthy Naturals innovations provide a range of top quality natural dog food for all life stages of your dogs that is puppy, adult and mature.
  2. The dry dog food ingredients that commonly feature in Iams Healthy Naturals innovative products are real chicken, wholesome grains, vegetables and fruits.
  3. They also have a high concentration of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Buffalo wilderness duck recipes

  1. This is another type of healthy dog food that does features top ingredients such as duck, chicken meal and turkey meal, sweet potatoes and potatoes, blueberries, cranberries and carrots.
  2. It is a delicious wilderness duck recipe, high in protein and antioxidants.
  3. This is a sensible alternative to raw diets and is suited to active outdoor dogs.

Canidae Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish All Life Stages

  1. It is an all natural dry dog food formula with high protein provided by the top ingredients, which as the name suggests, are chicken, turkey, lamb and fish.
  2. This formula has linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, wholesome brown rice, micro-organisms and essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
  3. Like the wilderness duck recipe, Canidae Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish All Life Stages has a combination of amazing dog food ingredients that make this a holistic and well loved natural dog food by both family and pets.

Make the transition now

Now you have the options of natural dog food that will help you to provide a nutritious diet that keeps your dog healthy and happy. After all, how else can you ensure that your treasured pet remains your best companion?

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