Millie & Lindsey

Loyal Friend Introduces an Amazing Weight Loss Regime for the Owner

Every person wants to be fit and hates to be obese. And therefore they try hard to maintain the overweight issue in a healthy way. This will affect intensely the self-esteem of the person suffering from the weight. The weight loss programs and exercises are offering promises to make you thin within a few day period of time but they are not healthy. People get inspired by the unflattering portrait of the skinny girls and crave to be like them, which pushes them to the edge. The Lindsey Evans was motivated by her loving dog Millie that helped her find the right path to stay fit and healthy.

Millie the beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback lost intense weight since she starved to death. But she was rescued and saved by Lindsey who took care of the sweet breed as a new mom TLC. Instead of the dog food the dog enjoyed the junk food treat that is shared by Lindsey greedily. This made her gain weight up to 126 that was considered as twice healthy by doctors for her breed and size. And Lindsey also had gained much weight and reached the peak of 350 pounds that dripped her with self-empathy and depression.

Millie & Lindsey

When she took her loyal friend to the vets for a leg operation they were simply worried about Millie’s girth. And therefore they decided to put her on a crash diet that allowed her to lose 70 pounds in a healthy way. This greatly inspired Lindsey who was in her ends of 30s now and so she decided to follow the secret weight loss program as prescribed for her dog.

Lindsey started on her diet and curbed herself from eating junk foods. Lindsey was thrilled to see the miraculous weight loss happening to her body without exercising but with pure diet planning that excludes sugar and fatty food stuffs. She lost those extra calories amazingly and achieved her weight of 140 pounds within a few days. Lindsey exclaimed with joy that she would have never done it without the help of Millie her adorable pet!

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Midas at 1 year!

Best dog food for puppies – Know the unknown

Choosing the best dog food for puppies is the prime fact about pet care. Best dog food for puppies are also being recommended by different veterans across the world. If your puppy doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it will not grow properly and will not be able to be member of your family. Nowadays, different companies are manufacturing Dog foods are of different types like there is best dry dog food for puppies, best dog food for large breed puppies and best dog food for shih tzu puppies. The dog foods include such food supplements that a pet love to eat and enjoy eating.

Best dog food brand for puppies:

There is huge collection of best dog for puppies that belongs to the category of Best dog food for puppies.  In order to choose the best brand of Best dog food for puppies you have to go for the brand that include non-chemical supplements in the product. There are a few companies that use different types of by-products to prepare the food.  It can be anything like the diseased body or carcasses of euthanized wilds, which will harm your puppy more than giving it necessary nutrients. Thus it is imperative to learn about the product in detail, before you shop for any brand. It is best to consult with the veterinarian to decide which brand will be a good one for the puppy. However, there are a few recommended brands that make use of:

  • High protein elements
  • Plant supplements
  • Milk products

So, you should always stick to these brands to shop for Best dog food for puppies.

Best dog food for boxer puppies:

Corn product based foods are the best dog food for puppies. You can opt for corn syrup, corn gluten meal, corm meal or plain corns to feed a boxer puppy. However, always stay away from the wheat products. Food and vegetables based foods are also good for a boxer puppy.

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organic dog food

Keep your dog comfortable by feeding Natural dog food

Natural dog food is the most obvious and convenient choice of dog owners across the world. With the growing concern over the harmful effects of chemicals present in our food and environment, dog owners have now made their transition to natural dog food.

What is Natural dog food?

organic dog foodTo avoid the prevalent confusion over the term, AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) has issued guidelines in the year 2001 which goes a long distance to describe the actual definition of it. The word ‘natural’ in ‘natural dog food’ is now generally used to mean ‘chemical free’.

How to choose Natural dog food?

There are two processes through which you can feed your dog. In trying to select the best puppy food for your beloved canine you can opt for preparing food yourself or choose a quality food from off the shelf. While making your selection from the market, you should keep in mind a few pointers.

  • Read the information provided on the pack
  • Ensure that the meat meal protein content is high
  • Avoid by-products like chicken beaks, intestine or feet among others.
  • The food should be absolutely free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • The food should be well balanced
  • Opt for organic dog food
  • Choosing premium brands in place of economy brands as they tend to be safer.

Natural dog food is by far the best you can give your pet. You can assure that your pet will live a healthy life and be free of any skin ailment and other complicated disease. Dog being man’s best friend deserves the best and to ensure it one should keep in mind that the food that is offered to them should be fit for their consumption eliminating any possibility of harmful effect and as far as possible organic dog food. You would surely love to have a happy and lively dog around and thus always give him the best puppy food.

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dog food in a bowl on a white background

Keep your dog healthy and fit through natural dog food

If you have a pet in home, especially a dog, then you might be concerned about your pet’s health. The food that you give to your pets has a very big impact on their health. You should make sure that the pet food you use is full of all the necessary nutrients. This will elongate the life of your pet, and will keep the diseases at bay. This is why you should switch over to Natural Dog Food, in place of feeding commercial food to your dog. You can keep your dog healthy, if you follow simple steps.

Step 1: Opt for homemade food for your dog

If you are looking for something natural to feed your dog, then you can opt for homemade dog food. In place of expensive commercial food, this kind of natural food can provide all the essential nutrients to your dog. A good thing is that, homemade dog treats are always fresh and rich in nutrients required for the good health of your dog. You can manage the ingredients you put into the food and can change them if they are not suitable for your pet.

Step 2: Feed raw food to your dog

Feeding homemade raw food or barf can be very beneficial for your dog, as raw food helps your pet to tackle many kinds of ailments like hot spots, infestations, poor gum health, dental problem, continual shedding, gastro-intestinal problems, immune disorders and even allergies. You will not have to roam about in the super market for hours in search of dog food, as you can prepare diy raw food on your own. This will also ensure that the food your dog eats is fresh all the time.

Step 3: Find nice recipes of natural food for your dog

Your dog will only eat the food you provide, when it is delicious. Therefore, the Natural Dog Food you make for your pet should not only be nutritious, but it should be delicious at the same time. You can make use of different dog food recipes to make your pet’s food tastier. Raw meat has high moisture content, which helps to meet a sufficient amount of water requirement of your dog. Make sure that the meat is uncooked and you can also put in elk, emu, chicken, beef, fish, or turkey.

Step 4: Making some raw food yourself

If you want to make your own raw dog food, then you remember some points. When you make your own raw dog food recipes, you should make certain that 60 to 80 percent of the food should comprise of raw meat. You can also combine vegetables along with meat. You can retain the proportion of vegetable to 20 to 40 percent. When preparing homemade raw dog food recipes, you can use vegetables like squash, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, Romaine lettuce, asparagus and celery. However, you should also keep an eye on the gas problems of your dog. In case, your dog feels sluggish, then you can eliminate some of the ingredients like broccoli. If it does not work, try to eliminate other vegetables, until you find the main ingredient causing the problem.

Step 5: Choose the finest dog food

It is your responsibility to ascertain that your dog, get the best food. Presence of many different kinds of dog food available out there, makes it difficult to choose the best dog food. Similar to human food, homemade food for dogs can also be categorized for narrowing down your search for a beneficial diet for your pet. However, confusion still exists. For instance, you might prefer to choose easy raw dog food or you might wish to use holistic concepts while utilizing all-organic elements.

Step 6: Make treats and save money

If you wish to save some money and make a delicious homemade puppy food for your dog, then you can make homemade dog kibble. You can use oats, rice, flour, water, milk, or even both to make the kibble mix and then bake it. Making such recipes need less effort.

Another easy recipe of dog food is to make homemade dry dog food. After the recent food recalls, majority of the pet owners prefer to make the Natural Dog Food on their own. In this way, one can make sure that the food they are feeding the dog is healthy as well as safe.

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Natural dog nutrition

Natural Dog Food – Keep Your Dog Healthy with Special Dog Foods

Every dog owner loves to keep his or her dogs healthy by giving Natural Dog Food, these foods are safe and it helps the dogs to have good health and strength. There are many dogs’ foods available in the market; you need to choose the correct food for your dog. These foods are made with natural dog food recipes, and it contains rich vitamins and nutritious substance. These foodstuffs are 100% safe and do not have any side effects.

Natural dog nutritionStep 1- Find a good diet for your dog

The food, which you give to the dogs, should have a good diet. The natural balance dog food, all the richness of meat and vegetables and it helps in building the body. This product is made with the natural substance and they are free from chemical composition. This is the best dog food available in the market and it is the best source of energy for the dogs. The natural dog food provides whole supplements to the dog’s body by giving the required proteins and vitamins. These foods help the dogs to gain nourished diet with balanced meals.

Step 2- Feed your dogs with the natural things at home

The best way to feed your dogs is with home made dog food, which gives proper care to the dog’s health.  The food products like oatmeal, beef, mutton and chicken is given to the dogs and it gives them complete nourishment and they are natural dog nutrition. You need to prepare home food for dogs by studying the requirement and the quantity, for that you need to consult a doctor for the safety aspect. When you make the dog food at home, you should include rich proteins and vitamins to the diet.  The meat products are rich in fat and it is the best food for dogs.

Step 3- Get good recipes for you dog

If you are planning to feed the dogs at home, there are many homemade dog recipes, to give rich and tasty foods for your dog. Some times, you dogs are tired eating the same foodstuff every day and the only way to feed them well is to make delicious meals at home. There are books and online sites, which help you to cook food for the dogs, and this, include vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. When you make dog food at home, you should include lot of calcium and proteins, which make the bones stronger and prevent hair fall. The meat products should be well cooked before giving it to the dogs

Step 4 – Buy best food products from the stores

When we talk about the dog food, you should make sure that you get the best natural dog food brands for your loved pets. There are many food products available for dogs and there are many Natural Dog Food manufactures. The branded food products are very safe for the dogs and it gives balanced diets. The food, which you select for the dog should have rice, berries, potatoes and pumpkin these are holistic and natural food for dogs. When you happen to visit the store, you will be confused to buy the right food brand for your dog. You can seek the opinion of a veterinary doctor for the right dog food brand.

Step 5- Treat your dog with his/her favorite foods

The dog Gourmet includes natural dog treat recipes for dogs and you dog can enjoy their favorite food all the day with out any fuss. Some dogs are adamant about their food habits and they do not eat their food with out getting their favorite foodstuff.  The dog treat recipes includes carrots, pumpkin, yogurt, biscuits and frozen meat products. These foodstuffs include many high nutrients food products and they are natural dog nutrition. You can prepare these foods at home or buy it from the stores. Some dogs are allergic to certain food so care should be taken while feeding the dogs with these foods.

Step 6- Get free recipes online

If you are looking for dog food recipes, you will find plenty of books in the market. These books helps you to make wholesome and nutritious food at home in a cheaper way. However, there are free dog food recipes available online, you can download these recipes and make good treat for the dogs.

Natural Dog Food is the best food for all dog breeds, which gives complete balanced diet. These foods are very safe for you pet and they provide complete nourishment to your pet dog.

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natural dog food

Natural Dog Food: Things to be remembered for your dog food

Those people who have the dog as a pet, have to make the important decision regarding the food of the pet dog. Natural Dog Food is the new type of the issue nowadays. All the pet dog keepers have to consider the issue, which will be, related to the health of their dogs. They have to give their dogs, the type of the food, which has to be healthy. There are the large numbers of the companies that provide the best type of the food for the dogs.  There are also the different types of the websites that give the natural dog food recipes. These types of the websites provide the natural balance dog food. These types of the food are good for the health of the pet, as they are easily digestible. One can also note the type of the recipe, then that home made dog food, will be, well liked by the pet. There are the large numbers of the companies that are providing the homemade dog recipes. The thing that the pet owner has to do is to consider the amount of the natural dog nutrition, which is, needed by their dogs. Then the type of the company can be, selected.

natural dog foodStep 1: Determine the level of the nutrition required by the dog

The owner has to determine the level of the nutrition, which will be, needed by the dog. The level will be determined based on the amount of the activity in which the pet is, involved. Then the owner has to consider the type of the Natural Dog Food, which will be, selected.

Step 2: What food is to be, selected

The dogs also need the large amount of the protein. These will help in the best type of the growth of the dogs. The dogs are omnivorous. That is why they have to be, given all type of the protein, grains, and the grasses.

Step 3: Select the type of the company

The analysis of the company is to be, done based on the type of the food, which the company provides. There has to be the healthy dog food recipes. These types of the recipes consist of the organic dog food recipes. The customer can select the type of the company online. The level of the authenticity of the food can be determined based on the table of the ingredient. One can also purchase the online book. These types of the books will help in the preparation of the homemade dog recipes. This, the selection of the company will be done based on the type of the food that that company will be providing.

Step 4: Consider the foods that are to be, avoided

There are foods that are to be, avoided. Thus, if the person is planning, to make the food in the home, then there are some things, that should be, avoided. This type of the food are garlic, onions, grapes, chocolates, raisins, raw meat and the artificial fat as well as that of the sweeteners.  Thus, the thing that is, suggested is that the person has to consider the doctor before they cook the dog food of their own. The raw meat has to be, avoided as these have the large number of the bacteria in it. These types of the bacteria’s are fatal to the dogs. That is why the meat has to be, cooked properly.

Step 5: Check the accrediting of the food company

The food that ahs to be selected, ahs to be from the type of the company, which is to certified by the (ASPCA). This society is, meant for the prevention of the cruelty towards the animals. This company gives the certification to the best type of the company. That is why the food has to be, selected from these types of the companies only.

Thus, with the help of the above points, the best type of the companies will be, selected. These types of the companies will provide the best type of t\h food for the dogs.  With the help of this type of the Natural Dog Food, the pets will be safe as well as healthy. These have to selected, if owners want to see their dogs in the good condition.

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Natural dog foods that keep your dog in good health and spirit

Dogs have been called as the best friend of Man! That is the reason why dogs have been the most popular of pets all over the world. It is essential to pay lot of attention to the care of dog in the matter of hygiene and recreation and above all in providing it healthy food. There are many types of dog foods available in the market and providing our pet with Natural dog food helps the dog to be in best of health.

The general rule to follow about the dog foods is that “what is good for you is also good for your dog”! We know the perils of junk foods and artificial chemicals used in the foods. The same applies to the dog foods. There are many canned foods available for dog foods. But we must ensure that they do not contain any ingredients that can cause health problems after long usage.

Perils of wrong dog foods:

The dogs also can get the health problems like obesity and it is related to the food habits of the dog. So it is essential that the balanced food must be given to your pet dogs. The natural foods with certification about the absence of artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives are to be preferred for regular use. The grains and other natural materials used in making of dog foods must be grown naturally and be free of genetically modified micro organisms. The calorie content of the dog food must be considered while deciding the type of the food and its quantity. The anti-oxidants help to avoid many diseases in both humans and dogs.

One more easy and sure method of getting Natural dog food is by using home made foods. You are sure that the food thus prepared is free of any harmful preservatives and chemicals. There are many online resources for guiding you to make tasty and healthy home made natural organic dog foods.

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Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food – A way to make them healthy and happy

Why the natural dog food is gaining popularity?

The nature or the natural are now a days most commonly used words in today’s modern life style. The food products and medicines made from herbs and plant are the first choice of the majority of the people.  But the craze of the “natural” is not limited to the humans only it has gone to their pets as well.  The dogs are one of the most favorite animals for human due to loyalty and faith. As the man likes the natural food products for themselves they also want that their best puppy food should be natural as well.Most lovers of the dog want the best lifestyle and food habit for their lovely pet dog. They give them diet which is full of nutrients which ultimately keeps them fit and healthy through out the year as we do not what point of time we need them most in the life.  They are the one on which rely the most during any unwanted situation in life and they are the just like your family members.

Natural Dog FoodWhy the natural food is best suited for your puppy?

As well as the natural habitats of the dogs are concerned they are very close to wolves and coyotes.  The high protein meats are their love at first sight among all the foods available to them.  The requirement of the carbohydrate of your dog is get fulfilled by the carbohydrates contents of their prey.   The usual   foods for the canine or dogs found on the different shelves of the stores may be the cause of so many food allergies which may result in skin rashes, itchy paws and ear infections.  To avoid all   these problems the natural dog food is the ultimate choice for the real lovers of the dog. Some times the processed foods of the dogs are very high in the mucous contents which results in unnecessary sneezing and coughing in your lovely dog. So it is in the interest of you and ultimately your puppy for more depending on organic dog food in comparison to artificial or processed one.

The raw foods are typically free from different harmful preservatives, as these preservatives causes the several side effect problems in loved puppy.  The organic dog food is totally free from chemical and overall health and performance of your dogs get improved at the highest level. The natural dog food is the best choice for your puppy.

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Natural dog food

Natural dog food – An emerging diet pattern for dogs

Why the natural dog food is the first choice for dog lovers?

In the recent years all of sudden the world like natural, nature etc has become the buzzword in everyday life and even the pages of electronic and print media are totally filled with this. The reason is pretty simple one, during the twentieth century humans and their pets faced maximum diseases and ailments. Even the pets started the suffering from the problem of tumors and the other abnormalities. As soon as the humans realized  that  natural  foods are healthy for them immediately  they started applying  the same formula  for the  pets and  the  dogs food was on the front line.  The results were naturally encouraging one and now most of the dog lovers prefer the organic dog food over the processed one.

Common problems in dogs due to the processed food

When hips displacement was reported as a very common problems in the   domestic dog breeds then as soon as their diets pattern  were changed to the natural one  all of sudden the  veterinarians noticed  the  improvement of this conditions. Now  the  dog  breeders and  trainers  gives the  first preference  to  the  natural dog food for  their dogs. The problem of the urinary and bowel incontinence was the other one which was manly due to the chemicals used in the commercially preserved dog foods. This problem was totally absent in the dogs raised by professionals who generally offer the natural diets. Some veterinarians also have the views that the bladder release problem may also occur due to processed foods chemicals. Thus now you can easily reach on the conclusion that how the natural food for dog is the best puppy food.

Benefits of the natural dog food

Most manufacturers of the processed dog foods sometime uses the illegal means to increase the volumes of their product. They use the grains of corn and wheat for this purpose. Some times they uses  the kibble which is quite cheap  material  as  it has fillers  which  reduces  the amount of protein in it.   This is the ultimate reason for being the processed dog food very cheap and thus they have the low content of the protein. On  the other hand natural  raw  meets and the fresh vegetables provides all the  nutritional requirement  necessary  for  their  growth and being healthy as they have the proteins and vitamins in their purest forms. As the owners of the dog have realized the consequences of the processed food, the natural dog food is gaining popularity day by day.

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Types of pet foods and consider the right pet food for your pet

Our people are fonder of growing up pets in their home. This is highly encouraging one in the sense of giving life to the other living organisms. Growing up the pets is not an easy task for sure. In particular, you need more patience indeed. When it comes to maintaining our pets, we have to focus in every side, the food, proper dental check up, proper cleanliness and more and more. At first the person has to consider a lot before going to buy any Cheap foods for pets. Probably, the hygienic food is the essential factor for improving pet life.

Same like our human beings, the pets can also easily affect by food poisoning. So we have to keep our eyes open in order to provide proper hygienic food for our lovable pets. Probably this is our major duty as a pet owner. Most of the people are thinking that buying high priced pet foods would be the best foods. Indeed this is highly misassumption. The quality of the pet foods cannot be judged by the price alone which appears on the label. It can be judge only by the ingredients it contains. The sad fact is, people are not well aware to notice such pet food ingredients. We should provide Cheap foods for pets according to the ratio of 50% of veggies, 40% of meat and rest of the percentage should cover grain and any other carbohydrate.

If you are following such food ratios then you are surely going in the right track. Most considerable factor is, don’t provide any cheap pet foods without asking permission from your nearby veterinary professional. We have to provide Cheap foods for pets by also considering the age factor for sure. The allergy is one of the commonest problems seems in every pets. So it is too vital for us to provide food which is non-allergic. But it is not an easy job to get know what is allergic and non-allergic pet foods for your pets. So you need to keep attention to notice the reaction of your pets at least for a week from the day you started. Sometimes the allergic problems to your pets can also come by environmental problems.

The online purchasing is seems to be special nowadays which allows you to search the prices for all pet stores directly from your home. When it comes to pet foods, you have plenty of lists. Some of the basic foods are canned foods, dry diet foods and soft moist foods. You can also genial with hygienic homemade Cheap foods for pets.

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