Favorite Breeds Of The Valley

Chihuahuas is one of the most preferred breeds of the valley. The number of the licensed dog is almost 350,000. Labrador retriever is the only breed of dog that ranks higher than the Chihuahuas in Maricopa. This trend is also seen in the cities like Surprise, Peoria, Southwest Valley and Glendale. In the words of Lisa Peterson, the spokesperson of the American Kennel Club, it is the influence of the Mexican culture that makes the Chihuahuas the popular. Moreover, the popularity is also influenced by the fondness of the superstars like Paris Hilton.


Source: OurWorldOfDogs

It is evident from the license data that German shepherd ranked third in the valley although they rank higher in the national level. Peterson expressed with the passage of time the taste of favorite breed also changed. Several factors are responsible for the change of preference. Dog lovers tend to select their preferred one that suites their lifestyle most. Breeds like poodles lost its fame, as they require a lot of care that is quite difficult to provide in this fast life.

The CEO of Glendale-based All About Animals Rescue, Dawn Kavanaugh, opined that while selecting the lifestyle, one must consider that whether the breed is able to match their lifestyle or not. Portuguese water dogs become popular after the President brought Bo and sunny to the White House. He further added that watching a particular type of breed on television r movie also increases the popularity of that breed.

Dawn also suggested selecting Pitbulls as the family dogs. it is the training skills of the owners and not the nature of the breed that influences the temperament of the dog. Proper love and care can change the pet.

Source: AZCentral

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Cesar, a Purebred Chihuahua Requires Special Home

A purebred Chihuahua, named Cesar, is under a state of acute shock and fright, having trust issues after it was found abandoned in a region of Yakima Canyon. Any person willing to adopt the healthy Chihuahua can certainly visit the 2 year old animal at Ellenesberg Animal Shelter.

The frightening condition under which the poor dog was left out has given rise to trust related issues. However, attendants of the dog shelter are assuring that the dog is in perfect health and would become comfortable as soon as it finds warmth of any person.

The healthy male is currently frightened after it was left tied around a tree by its owner. Local rescue team found the dog under stressful condition and handed the Chihuahua at a local Ellensburg Animal Shelter. However, the attendants are also of the opinion that the purebred would also respond to good training once it is adored with love and care.

Personnel associated with Ellensberg Animal Shelter appeals to the residents of the region to take necessary steps to help the poor being reunite with its family. Several appeals are also made to take genuine steps to find the rightful owners of the poor dog by checking with the neighbors and even reporting the matter in local dailies.

The animal shelter wing also sends out a humanitarian appeal to the residents to check out all rescued pets to nearby animal shelter for proper health check up. Scanning for microchip detection is also necessary for revealing much identification of any lost and found animal under any uneventful condition. The organization is also in favor of using the social media as a tool to help finding owners of lost pets and urges all people to post pictures of rescued animals over social networking websites so that it is possible to get in touch with the owners of the pets and offer the poor beings a happy and healthy life.

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Are German Shepherd Violent?

Like any other breed of dog, German Shepherds are also highly friendly and sociable dogs. However, there are a number of attributes and conditions that might trigger the dog into self-defensive mode that many consider as the dog becoming aggressive.

The heavily built physical attribute of German Shepherd lays the impression of the dog being extremely ferocious. Many people may even think that due to this quality, the breed is certainly popular among police forces and other national agencies. However, it is a total misconception.

German Shepherds Violent
German Shepherds Violent

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Dogs behave the way they are treated and are brought up. A German Shepherd well managed by any family and treated well by the members grows up to be a highly sociable and less violent creature. However, certain factors should be properly followed.

There is a lot of debate surrounding the aggressive nature of a German Shepherd. However, some of the common causes of their aggression are described below –

Bad environment

A German Shepherd living under poor condition can certainly develop aggressive tendency due to un-socialization, wrong handling techniques by owners or even threat or attack from other dogs. In majority cases, it is found that German Shepherds become aggressive due to stress or fear in its upbringing environment.

Leadership of handler
Apart from these, the nature of leadership of the owner of a German Shepherd is also a major criteria that should be taken into account. The owner should be able to establish himself as the alpha leader to the dog species. Owners should not reward a German Shepherd wet treats for any aggressive behavior. This would trigger aggressiveness even more.

Protection dog

Most German Shepherds are trained to be a protection dog. However, they are highly protective about their master and become naturally aggressive in case of any threat to their masters. This has also lead many people to think that these extremely built dog species are ferocious in nature. The matter of fact is, they are highly sociable and responds according to the commands of their handlers.

Source: MyGermanShepherd, TheGermanShepherd

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Missing Labrador Retriever Found at Safe House

The stunning Labrador retriever, Phineas that went missing during a court trial, is reported to be at safe house. Joseph P. Simon, LLC reported this Saturday afternoon that the Labrador retriever of Saint Louis, MO is free now and is in the custody of safe house.

phineas found
phineas found

Source: S3.Amazonaws

The dog was facing and order of euthanization in a court on 2012 for biting a child. Rewards and investigation were on its way immediately after reports of Phineas’ missing went viral. Even with the court ordering for euthanizing the dog made all supporters even more apprehensive about the safety of the poor creature.

However, reports of the Labrador retriever being in safe custody have relieved the supporters. Scott Bernstein, the Circuit Judge of Dent County even cleared all charges against Phineas. The Judge ordered that the Labrador retriever would be united with his family.

The order came into effect after the court found out that the dog had no history of biting anyone before. The court excluded the incident involving Phineas as the primary cause for inflicting injury to the victim. The judgment evidently favored the petitioners and the court ordered returning of Phineas to the petitioners terminating the euthanizing order.

At an earlier session of hearing this case, the judge upheld the order on euthanizing Phineas. However, an expert testimony forced him to review his earlier decision and take account of latest developments regarding evidences of inconsistency between the bite marks on the victim and the teeth of the accused Labrador.

According to the judge, there is no evidence of Phineas biting anyone ever before. Even the bite marks on the victim in the alleged case were not found to be consistent with the teeth of the accused Labrador retriever.

Moments after the news of Phineas acquittal and union with his family broke, innumerable well-wishers shared the news over Facebook.

Source: Examiner

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FDA Clueless on Rising Perils of Jerky Treats – Seeks Help from Pet Owners

Personnel from FDA or The Food and Drug Administration are on a fix in its quest to investigate into the mystery surrounding deaths of more than 600 dogs after eating jerky treats manufactured in China. They are now requesting help and support from pet owners to initiate autopsy, in case their pets die under mysterious circumstances.

Jerky Treat Effect
Jerky Treat Effect

Source: Dingo.Care2

The pets are showing signs of decreased activity, diarrhea and vomiting, along with several other symptoms of complication. The pets are falling ill after eating treats that are sold as strips made of chicken, sweet potatoes, duck etc. These are also known as jerky treats.

According to Martine Hartogensis, an expert veterinarian with FDA, “We are now appealing to owners of pets and other veterinarians to send us more information on animals getting sick after consuming such treats.”

According to latest reports, the FDA has received records of pet illness involving about 10 cats and 3600 dogs in the USA alone. The pet illness is reported after owners had unknowingly fed them pet treats that are manufactured in China.

The veterinarian from FDA also informs that their investigation has reached a roadblock since there is no lead regarding the ingredient in food item responsible for the dreaded illness. She even upheld the factor that since most pet owners do not initiate autopsy of their dead pets due to high cost involved, the actual cause of the illness is still not clear to the investigating body.

Dr. Richard Goldstein, associated with the New York Animal Medical Center is treating dogs infected under mysterious condition. However, he briefed that dogs suffering from such illness caused due to dangerous treat started showing normal behavior when normal diet was resumed, without the treats. He emphasized on the fact that owners of pets should become aware of the symptoms of this dreaded disease and take necessary actions thereafter.

Source: ABCNews;

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Doctor’s Note becoming Essential to Keep Dogs in a No-Pet Building

Notes from doctors to get permission for allowing dogs in a No-Dog building is becoming a great issue presently. Increasing instances have raised a number of implications involving a legitimate disability on one hand, and dubious doctor’s note on the other.

Although the federal law of the US and associated city laws have provisions that allow disabled people to have proper accommodation, yet there are questions that are raised on the broad classification of disabilities that would seek waivers for their pet dogs.

Dog's right
Dog’s right

Source: Medical-Service-Dogs

According to a specialist in housing and pet law, Darryl Vernon, patients with disabilities have to prove two facts to get a waiver for their trained dogs – a serious disability, not any seasonal depression or any mental condition related to bad economy; and the medical advantage the pet dog offers.

Yet, under all these legal provisions, there still lies a fine grey line that actually plays a greater role in determining any legitimate disability along with the matter that the accompanying pet dog helps to alleviate. Even then, owners of No-Pet buildings worry that the practice of coming with doctor’s note would initiate a long list from the tenants for grant of allowing pet dogs with them. It would also come in direct confrontation with sentiments of other residents who choose to prefer dog-free building due to any past bad experience or allergies associated with animals.

Training and care
Training and care

Source: Blogspot

However, with all these conflicting provisions coming in the way, a number of people are highly worried about utilization of cracks within the legal framework that would allow permission to accompany pet dogs with increasing number of people who do not require them for any medical reason. This might lead to imposition of further stringent rules by various building owners that would act as an impediment to own trained dogs for the needy victims.

Source: NYTimes

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Top Rated Pet Blogs of 2013

Are you a pet freak? Do you have an interest to go through blogs on pets? Then you should certainly check certain top rated pet blogs for the year 2013. Dogtiper, an online magazine with 29301 twitter followers and 37911 Facebook followers would certainly come in handy to provide essential tips on handling a pet effectively. Blogs of Pet Heal, having 4480 followers from Twitter and 1365 Facebook fans would even come in handy to provide essential tips regarding health of pets and taking care of them if they are affected with any disease. Petsavings even provide various coupons and other deals for your favorite pet over the internet.

Top 100 Pet blogs to follow

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit.

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Is morning dog food nutritious to it??

Importance of feeding a healthy breakfast for your precious canine friend has never been underlined enough until today. You need to understand the fact that for keeping your dog strong and healthy it is essential that you provide him delicious and nutritious dog food that has been enriched with all the important nutrients. The breakfast that your dog consumes helps in repairing body tissues that are injured and in generating essential energy for performing his everyday metabolic activities. This piece of information has been confirmed according to the recent research study that was conducted by the dedicated team of Researchers at the University of Kentucky.

Dog Breakfast

Feed your loyal canine with dog food for excellent performance

The team separated the canines in to two batches according to which one lot consists of trained dogs that were fed breakfast and the other lot with dogs that were left to starve without any food in the morning. They carefully watched the search performance of both these categories after 30 minutes. To their amazement they found that the fed dogs searched with more accuracy than those that were fasting. Dr. Holly Miller and colleague Charlotte Bender confirmed the study and its result in the recent issue of the journal Behavioral Processes.

Dr. Miller said that he was urged to research on this fact after reading the news about children performing miraculously with excellence after eating their breakfast. Therefore he wondered if the same formulae will happen in the performance of dogs as well. Thus Dr. Miller along with Ms. Bender started tested the performance of trained few domestic dogs after eating breakfast and some of them without food consumption. The dogs that ate in the morning were more active and accurate while searching for some hidden food, whereas those dogs that starved in the morning were not performing well.

How was the research done?

 Dr. Miller has previously demonstrated the fact that energy levels of dogs are interconnected with the self-control that they portray. And the fed dogs were more disciplined with self-control that those that were hungry when they were tested. This unveils the truth that those dogs that ate food were enriched with high energy level. After this test both the batches of dogs were shown a delicious mouthwatering edible treat which were later hidden in six containers. The search for the yummy treat began and the dogs that ate the breakfast were accurate in finding the food faster than those dogs that were hungry for more than 12 hours. Dr. Miller exclaimed that his research confirms the fact that breakfast increases the performance in dogs.

Importance of well-balanced diet

Dr. Miller agreed that the commercial dog food consumed by our canine loyal friends is usually manufactured with rich content of carbohydrates and therefore this might be considered as the reason for fluctuations found in the working mechanism of the trained dogs since it keeps changing according to the sugar levels in the body. If you are wondering whether this is the same with other wild dogs such as wolves and jackals, you will be amazed to know that it is a big NO.

Yes, when these wild animals hunt and eat raw meat that contains low carbohydrate than the commercial dog food that the pet dogs eat their brain automatically grab glucose from other optional sources such as ketone bodies. This is the reason why the wild counterparts of dogs are dangerously furious and out of control when they are hungry. Therefore working dogs or pet dogs, every friendly canine needs to eat nutritious dog food that is richly filled with adequate portions of fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins for increasing the energy level and enabling them to excel in their performance.

Image/News Source : http://www.bbc.co.uk

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Whitehorse City Council Curbs Space for Dog Clubs

Dog training is very essential part in the growth of a dog in a high quality breed. Finding a suitable place for providing training for their precious dogs is very important for every owner and the Dog Clubs are in a fix when the Whitehorse City Council restricted them from using their local arena for dog training. The Council planned to conduct an election for the important decision to be taken regarding lending their campus for training another year.

Various Dog Clubs members went to the City Hall Monday night in order to ask the officials and councilors and to protest against the eviction. They pleaded to the council for another year in the Takhini Arena for dog training. Their dogs have been offered training for so long years during the winter months. But the city officials were dissatisfied because they never wanted dogs in public buildings.

Linda Rapp, the city’s Parks and Recreation manager said that the hall is a public property where thousands of people are visiting the campus everyday through the same entrance where the dogs are also made to enter. This might be a nuisance to people with allergic symptoms towards dog dander and hairs. Some are also terribly afraid of dogs which make the presence of dogs a most annoying experience. The hair of the dogs fills in the air making the air impure and unhealthy for other visitors.

Jocelyn Loveck from the Whitehorse Woofers said to the press that finding a right spot for providing exclusive dog training regime such as obedience classes, dog agility training and the canine good neighbor program has become a doubtful event because of the reasonable price rates is a challenging task. But the city’s Indoor Facilities Manager Art Manhire disputes that there are various private halls available for dog training at less rentals. Let us wait and see!

Image/News Source :http://www.CBCNews.ca/

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A Boxer Dog ‘Courage’

A Boxer Dog ‘Courage’- The Victim of Cruelty

Animal cruelty is still prevalent in the world, and the most pathetic part is that it is seen even in most civilized nations. Though there are still laws and authorities relentlessly implementing legal decrees for preventing torture of animals, still there are some people hunting animals with thirst to make them suffer. One such incident took place in the North Miami, Florida where a man cruelly burnt his dog’s back. NBC reported the news that he was arrested on August 3rd and that Boxer dog was sent to the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter for further protection.

The Boxer dog is one year old and was named as ‘Courage’. The police confirmed that the dog was found in a pathetic condition where his back was burnt up to 20 inches and said that it would take at least 2 weeks for the wounds to heal. Kathy Labrada, enforcement manager for Miami-Dade Animal Services, confronted in the media that the dog paid  the ultimate price in the form of huge pain.

A Boxer Dog ‘Courage’The officials at the Miami-Dade Animal Services also found Courage to be less socializing and with a fearful spirit because of the loveless life, it was led through. He was also underweight and gaining little under the warmth of the Shelter Home. People who are willing to take care of this unlucky dog are welcome for adoption.

And Sarah Leddick who rescued the Boxer dog ‘Courage’ confirmed her hope to NBC 6 that time will heal all the cruel tortures that the dog has undergone.  Soon he will be finding a good family that will adopt him as their own life and will be enjoying a wonderful future. Let us try to give the dogs a warm loving environment and a chance to live a fabulous life by showering our love and care on thee loyal breeds.

News Source :Takepart.com

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