If I were the creator!

Yes, “I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 ”, I told my wife who was worried about my persistent grave look for such a long time .

Until now I have been only criticizing what should have been done. But now the yoke is on my shoulder. I must find out some simple but revolutionary changes to make the new world the absolute best.

So what to do? Several thought were showering; in but none I thought to be worthy for consideration. Let us not touch the nature or the life cycles because these are sensitive issues. The basics of creating a new world should focus on removing the constraints in the fundamental needs.

First of all I will make the entire ocean full of sweet water. This is a serious wrong we have been burdened with since creation of this world. What is the fun of having ¾ part water and ¼ part land if that is not usable? So I would say let there all drinking waters! And there would be so.

Next I will create natural charge collectors large enough for storing the thunder and natural photocells for storing sunrays and using the energy available for the daily use to solve power problem and resolving the present pollution issue. .

So, I have solved two basic problems by making easy changes. But what about transportation? I have thought that too. Being in the creating mode I shall not leave aside the basic amenities. My new world will have super vacuum channels through the centre of the earth for travelling from one part of the glob to the opposite part in a capsule using gravity in just 42 minutes!  None of your concords can even dream such speed and that too without any fuel cost! There will also be solar heli-cars for commutation.

If I were the creator I will transform most parts of the deserts to habitat and agricultural land for the benefit of the people keeping a small part unchanged so that the future generation can have a guess what the deserts were like. There will not be any deforestation so that the wild life is not disturbed or put into extinct as happening today.

I will also create the new population of  human beings all speaking one and the same  language and of same skin color to avoid any misunderstanding in communication , racial discrimination and also to demolish the so called national borders the people are fighting for  at the moment. As they have the same Sun and the same Moon, their upbringing would also be the same so that all can have equal chance to excel in the ambience of fraternity.

Their knowledge bank will be concentrated for the benefits of all and the kids will be taught to be healthy, happy and ethical while they grow so that they teach the same values to their next generation.

And of course having created such an amazing creation I would definitely exclaim with joy and pride of seeing a better world!