Musings of a Bohemian: Let’s have Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Staying alone made me bohemian.  Nothing except my working hours follows any schedule.  Like all other FB addicts I ping friends night long and go to bed when it is almost dawn. There were days when I found myself sleeping in the chair as the alarm rang.

Naturally you don’t expect me to have breakfast. Not possible at all. I always had to rush to my office to avoid being late. But skipping breakfast has started taking toll. I do the work as I had to do, but seldom find any energy like Guptaji. He is ever jubilant with his infinite source of energy always staying focused in whatever he does.

But what could be secret trick?  It started hammering me like anything and then after lot of oiling he broke the ice finally. The secret trick is very simple. To kick start a day and stay focused and energetic you should not skip the breakfast.

But where is the time? And I did not like the idea of preparing toast and omelet everyday for breakfast. Following the same routine make me sick always.  Guptaji came to my relief revealing the yummy breakfast recipes that can be made ready in just 2 minutes and made different every day.

All these are cornflakes based. This is used in many Indian and continental recipes for making it high in calories and best in taste. Cornflakes are easily digestible and give enough energy making it a healthy and delicious dish.

What an experience when I had been to Guptaji’s place. Shauluji offered me three course meal all having Kellogg cornflakes. I did not like to wash even after such lip smacking meal.

Seeing my condition Shaluji gave me the recipes of the following nashtas

  • Best Family wala Nashta
  • BFF wala Nashta
  • Chugli wala Nashta
  • Chup Karane wala nashta
  • Celebration wala Nashta
  • First crush wala Nashta
  • Guest ko impress karne wala nashta
  • Homework wala Nashta
  • Jagah banana wala nashta
  • Line Pe Lane Wala Nashta
  • Movie wala Nashta
  • Nakhre wala Nashta
  • Passing the parcel wala Nashta
  • Remote wala Nashta
  • Smile wala Nashta
  • Sanskaar wala Nashta
  • Tiffin wala Nashta
  • Woh wala Nashta

My heart thumped with joy as I received all those yummy recipes and was about to leave when Ritu and Rohan requested to me visit again. My lost attention turned and I stumbled over the threshold.

Getting awake I found myself on the floor as the alarm was ringing with a cracking sound. Again I had no time to breakfast. But I resolved not to skip it again.

Guptaji please call me to your home for your Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta! I am dying for this!

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