Optimism – A Way Of Better Life – Read The Story

The term optimism is not properly understood by many people across the world. To define in simple term, optimism is considered to be an attitude that propels us centered on what is best for the present situation or about the future. We are blessed to live in this world in pleasure as well as in pain wherein optimism is known to be a conscious selective focus on the best. Read on the below story to understand this great word called optimism.

Are We Wealthy?

A young man was cursing himself at his bad luck as he was not having enough money to lead a life he wanted. He was frowning all the days until he met a matured monk from the nearby town. In an accidental conversation, the monk has smelt the unhappiness in the face of the young man and asked him ‘Why are you looking unhappy?. The young man answered promptly that he was unhappy as he is considered as poor and penniless. Soon the monk replied ‘I think you are rich enough and wealthy!’  The puzzled young man has ridiculed the monk by saying ‘Why are you joking’ which has allowed the monk to reply the young man with his own wisdom. He has stated to question the young man by asking; ‘Suppose if one offers you ten thousand dollars to cut your leg off, will you accept that offer?’ ‘Certainly not’ is the reply from the young man.

The monk continued by saying ‘Suppose if someone offers you hundred thousand dollars to scoop your eyes out, will you accept?’ ‘Surely not’ the young man replied. The monk continued by telling the young man ‘Suppose someone offers ten million dollars to take away your life will you accept that?’ ‘Absolutely not’ is the reply that came from the young man. The monk with a sweet smile and told the young man ‘You are already possessed more than ten million dollars in you and why you are lamenting yourself as poor and penniless’. The monk further advised the young man ‘We all come to this world with empty hands and leave this world with bare hands. Though we are considered to be rich or poor we do not take anything from this unrealistic world. The real wealth is hidden in our innermost’.

He further added ‘If only we place our hearts in right places. If only we execute right things at the right times, if only we are content with what we are having, we are never being poor’. The more kindness and love we show to others the more peaceful we will have in this world’. These saying from the monk have opened the eyes of the young man who understood the wisdom of the monk. Later he moved from the scene to lead a better life with contentment.

Moral: Pleasure or pain in life is a matter of attitude that defines the altitude of man or woman. Optimism is the only way in order to live a balanced life. By being positive one can always kill the negative thoughts that ruin the human kind.