Oh! My Valentine In My Eye There Is No One Like Thee!

Love has no bounds and knows no laws! But love persists and it requires no gravitational laws to fall in love. Still I am in love with thee! With all your uniqueness you are my sole valentine. I cannot but love you my dearest of the dears for your loving features, the way you look, the service you give to me and for all those things I am really grateful to you.

Oh! My beloved! My sleeping mate I want to carry you to my graves as none will be there in the dungeon to serve me except thee with your excellent touch interface. I have no hesitation to declare in a loud voice standing under the cloudless canopy of the February sky that I love you my sweet heart!

These are neither ravings of a maniac nor deliriums of the diseased but hard facts. By now, you must be very impatient to know what this old haggard is pointing on the Valentines Day and I am sure that some you have already started thinking to inform my wife about my secret whims but believe me I unconditionally love the Asus Zenfone and it is my ideal valentine for the following reasons.

  1. The ASUS Zenfone is a series of premium and high-end Android smart phones with a soft and easy to use touch responsiveness yielding many options such as useful features, short cuts and customization as you touch and having a HD screen display superior to full HD screens of other phones available in the market. It has excellent value for the money spent.
  2. What to talk about the camera quality! It is better than the best! Even in low illumination mode it works amazingly and if you are in the mood of taking a selfie you can very well do that using the main camera. It is provided with unique time-rewind options that take multiple snaps two seconds prior two the click and one second post clicking enabling you to choose the better one for retention. This is a really good option when you are taking shots of a toddler or flying birds and moving animals.
  3. It has frequent updating facilities and the in-built RAM is excellent for multiple tasks and the booster application helps to enhance the performance. Zenfone has good signal reception and the voice quality delivered is good and loud
  4. Asus Zenfone has opened the kernel source code and the SD card supports 64GB against 32GB provision in other phones and the reading mode automatically turns the background dull ensuring easier reading of e-books. Moreover by using the easy mode one can view the selected apps on the front screen in larger size.
  5. Zenfone powered by a dual-core Intel processor and has moderately good battery life. The design is simple with rounded corner and matte finish that makes it very convenient to carry in hands and there is a magnetic compass to guide you if you by chance be out of GPS range.

So you know my reasons. What about you?

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7 Stories That Prove Animals Are More Than “Just Animals”

Nothing melts the heart as much as a sweet story about an adorable kitten or loveable pooch. Animals have the capacity to open hearts and bring people together. They have the ability to inspire and break down barriers. Here are the true stories of some pretty amazing animals.

Who Rescues Whom?

Animals adopted from shelters are often called “rescues.” Sometimes though, it’s hard to decide who rescues whom.

  • Lucas Hembree suffers from an inherited metabolic disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. The disease is progressive and there is no cure. Lucas’ family wanted to get a service dog for their son, but were told it would be too costly and that Lucas was not a good candidate. Undeterred, his family looked for a dog online and found Juno on a rescue group’s website. They made the two-hour trip to meet the Belgian Malinois, who was days away from being euthanized. She was malnourished, but Lucas’ dad saw something in her and knew she was the one. Lucas and Juno shared a bond from the beginning and Juno is able to alert the family when there is a problem. The two are practically inseparable.

  • Honolulu resident, Kimiko, rescued Kiko from a stray litter when she lived in California. A pure black kitten with a silly sense of humor, Kiko helped Kimiko through a severe depression. Kimiko and Kiko moved back home to Hawaii and, shortly after, Kimiko’s father was diagnosed with cancer. He died four short months later. Kimiko says that Kiko helped the family learn to laugh again.

  • Canadian native Deanna was only 22-years old when she broke her hip and was on bed rest for months after. Depressed, Deanna had difficulty finding a reason to get up in the mornings. Fortunately, a friend sent her a link on an animal shelter’s website with a picture of Maya, a black 10-week old puppy that was found running around the downtown area. Adopting Maya was the best thing that could have happened to Deanna. She had a reason to get up in the morning. She had a reason to get well. Maya was by Deanna’s side through surgery and rehab. Deanna says that giving Maya a chance ended up not about rescuing Maya, but, “she turned around and saved me.”


Animals Rescuing Each Other


Animals have an amazing capacity to adapt. Species that never meet or would be sworn enemies in a natural setting become family.

  • In 2008, a red panda mom at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam rejected two of her cubs. Desperate to find a way to save the tiny babies, the zookeeper, whose cat had just given birth, introduced the red panda cubs to the family. One cub died, but the other cub thrived with the cat family.

  • A cat mom named J.J. and two kittens were already residents at the Jonesboro Animal Control in Arkansas when a tiny baby of a different sort arrived. Animal control officers brought in a 2-week old baby raccoon. The young raccoon was having trouble eating and the officers were at a loss about what to do. In desperation, they placed the tiny baby in the cage with J.J. and it was love at first sight.

  • A dog named Sasha was saved from death by a rescue group. In a clear act of paying it forward, Sasha took an orphaned baby raccoon under her wing, treated it as her own and nursed it back to health.

  • In a bit of a twist, when stray kittens arrived at a shelter in Scotland, the rescuer’s first thought was that Elie, the cat, would mother the strays. Elie wanted nothing to do with them. However, a rabbit named Summer came to the rescue, raising the kittens and giving them the start they needed.  


Pets and Humans

Pets bring such joy to the lives of human beings. They also bring mental and physical health benefits. Researchers know that pet owners suffer less frequently from depression, have lower cholesterol levels, recover from illness and surgery faster and have elevated levels of serotonin and dopamine, both of which support feelings of well-being. Benefits don’t have to come from having a cat or dog, either. Watching fish in an aquarium lowers pulse rates and reduces muscle tension. Rescuing an animal is a wonderful thing, but everyone who adopts agrees that, in reality, it’s the animal that does the rescuing.

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3 Reasons Why Chat Outwits Phone Calls

Communication was the bane of my professional life and had to get myself engaged in that because of existence. Had there been any other profession known, I would have definitely shifted.

You can have many options to visit a store. The best of those is visiting in person when you are welcomed as you put your footsteps in, the sales attendants help you to walk through the stores picking whatever you want, the cashier accepts payments in a moment and you have a cakewalk experience that compels you to return. Why not to transcend that!
The latest innovation in online shopping is the introduction of Quikr NXT that can instantly connect buyers and sellers through chatting option across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even the desktop without requiring a single phone call. This has enormous potential for improving online shopping experience considering the three reasons to use chats for amazing shopping experience.

1. Getting in writing

Using phone calls keeps your message unrecorded leaving enough scope for confusion at later stages. But as you use online chat for your communication you get everything in writing and can also avail all options like copying, pasting, and saving the session easily for future reference. Moreover, you can also ask for more details about the products at your convenient time. So online chat leaves no ground of ambiguity because once the other party has agreed to give you certain discounts, they had no choice but to offer the same. Hence online chat is always a better option than phone calls for transacting business.

2. Save Time, Money and aggravation

When you use phone calls, number of times you will face hold ups but initiating chat session you will rarely have such irritating experience. Though the duration of a chatting session may be longer than the traditional phone calls, the interaction time spent is only a fraction of the time that you would have to spend otherwise on phone calls. What is more, you can also engage yourself in simultaneous chatting with more than one person or do some other work while waiting for the chat response and thus be more productive and save time and money. Further using online chat you need not repeat anything like phone calls and so can avoid aggravation.

3. Clear communication with privacy

You must have experienced that clear communication is sometimes a problem while making phone calls due to difference in accent and articulation and this becomes a headache when trying to resolve any dispute. When you opt for online chatting vocal quality, accents and articulation cannot put a barrier in clear communication. One can very well cut and paste letters, numbers and codes without worrying about if the other party has got it correctly. As online chat sessions are not audible you can avoid airing your personal transactions to the eavesdroppers. Moreover you can also speak for someone else like your spouse or partners and shop uninterrupted.

The bottom line

Living in the present era I always prefer to have the best option and also to be smart about the time and energy spent. Online chatting has proved to be better than phone calls for clearing confusion, saving time & money and maintaining privacy.

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Pimple Problems of a Teenager

I have seen old and young people around me getting affected by acne. It is a common problem especially among people who are getting into their teenage. It is something which keeps haunting people and seems like it is refusing to go away. You feel that it is keep coming back to you no matter whatever medicines or treatment you try.

Let’s have a look at a few Acne problems which I faced

  • When I was getting into my teens and by the time I turned 15, my face was almost filled with pimples. There was not even a single area which was acne free. From my forehead to even some parts of the neck, the volcano of acne blasted everywhere. I went to the doctor but it was more like a full stop on things which I loved to do. He told me not to swim, not to eat fries, and sometimes not to be in the sun for long too. I have been a sportsperson and the doctor telling me to stop all these was something which my mind refused to do. But at the same time I wanted to get rid of acne.
  • I kept looking for solutions, asking people about their ideas and their only reply used to be “oh it’s just pimples. Wash your face every day and it will go away soon.” Well they would never understand what exactly I was going through and what all I have tried to smoothen up my skin. I tried hard, I failed. I kept on trying, I kept on failing. Creams and more creams face washes, lotions and more of everything, but nothing really worked. Things improved a bit and then back to square one. God knows how much money I had wasted on buying these products. Probably I was just waiting for a miracle product.
  • Someone told me it was due to change in hormones. I didn’t understand him very well, but I figured out that something was wrong with my body. My face became completely red and the acne called for more and more scratching. Doctors told me to absolutely avoid scratching but my hands would not listen. They would reach out for my face and scratch them until I see blood on my hand and nails.
  • I became damn scared of posing for the camera. Everyone came and gave their own suggestions but none worked.
  • People told me to change my diet. My mom would not give me even a bit of “nice food”. Oil free foods for me had become regular routine as I was getting mad at my own condition. Soon after oil was stopped elders came and told my parents that milk also adds to acne. In sometime every food was the cause of pimples.
  • I used to walk into the drug store and keep buying new products every other week thinking that something would click, but nothing made me happy. I felt as if I was the only cursed person in the world. Why did God give me such a bad skin was my question?
  • Some aunty even suggested my mom to make me chew neem leaves, but knowing how bitter it would, I didn’t even try that idea. Probably it would have worked as now there is more awareness about it as there are products in the market like the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. I wished I had that product then. I don’t even have awareness even if it existed then or not.

garnier neem face wash


Source: Garnier.in

To know about Garnier neem face wash, click the below link.


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Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash Saves Skin

It is the aspiration of every working woman to put their best appearance forward, but it becomes tough with facial skin problems. Women faces the following facial skin problems.

  • Acne: This is a common facial problem causing outbreaks of skin commonly know us pimples. These appear due to overactive glands producing more sebum block pores and can also be due to result of bacterial infection.
  • Hyper-pigmentation: Brownish patches that appear on the face due to aging or as and aftereffect of acne and the condition can get worse due to exposure to the Sun.
  • Under-eye circles and wrinkles: These are the darken skin under the eyes and lines formed on the faces caused by insufficient sleep, sun burn, irregular diets and smoking.
  • Rosacea: This causes redness and swelling of the face and generally affects the women with fair skin. Its development is slow at first, looking as a facial blush and worsens with time.

Importance of fighting germs for pimple prevention


Source: Flickr.com

Working women are very much prone to effect environment and pollution as they had to stay out for long making them fully exposed to the dirt, germs and other impurities that are likely to harm the texture of the facial skin. The dirt and germs when adheres to the skin for a long time it contributes blockage of the pores of the skins that with time entails pimples. Therefore fighting the germs is of utmost important in regime to prevent pimples in the working women.

All the daylong the polluted air, dirt and seat stick to the facial skin affects it like anything resulting many skin disorders that cause both health and personality problems for the working women.

Pimples that contain pus and red at the base also cause a lot of distress to women’s both on hygienic and cosmetic front. The germs living on the skin surface can contribute to formation of pimples. These though do not directly cause pimples but help their formation when there are clogged pores on the skin.

Following good hygienic practices can reduce the amount of dead skin cells and other harmful contaminants of the skin that contributes towards development of pimples. As pimples are also caused due to bacterial infection of the skin and clogged pores, it is of prime importance that every care should be taken to have a clean and healthy skin free from any disorders. One should have a definite fighting regime against germs for the following reasons.

When there are clogged pores, bacteria thrive in the trapped sebum and produces inflammation. When the immune system of the body attacks these bacteria they also kill some healthy skin cells in the process and thus contribute to formation of dead skin cells.

The bacteria called P. acnes live deep in the pores and the follicles. These feed on sebum, cellular debris and other by products from nearby skin tissues. When there is an excessive sebum production or blockage of the follicles these bacteria multiply in numbers and destabilize cell structure. Such cellular damage generates inflammation of the skin making the prone to formation of acne commonly called pimples.

Impact of pollution on your face



Source: Wikipedia.org

The facial skin being always exposed to various climatic conditions are very much likely to be adversely affected by the environment. In view of the increasing pollution in the environment it is more likely that women have many facial problems due to the adverse effect of the pollution.

  1. Sticking of dirt: The modern cities are full of many smoky emissions that contain small particles of dirt invisible to the naked eyes. But these are really harmful to the skin of the face since these get easily stuck to the skin as the working women goes out. Besides being a source of various toxic materials these sooty particles also contribute to blocking of the skin pores and thus nurture the cause of acne growth.
  2. Death of skin cells: The presence of high levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone are also detrimental to the health of the facial skin. When the facial skin comes in continuous exposure to such emissions, the skin cells and collagen get killed causing many skin disorders.
  3. Skin aging due to radiation: Most of the working women now glued to the computers in their office. Computer screens are also very strong sources of UV radiation. Continuous exposure to such UV radiation can also cause wrinkles, scars and premature internal and external aging of the facial skin of the working women.
  4. Cracking of Skin: Though it may sound awkward, air conditioning and long exposure to air circulation at working place has acute negative impact on the facial skin of the working women. Long exposure to such conditions dries out the facial skin and can also result rough and cracked skin.
  1. Skin allergies: The most prominent factor of pollution is particle matter of various sizes and the visible black soot that women wipe off their faces. There are also gasses, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone. All these have negative impacts on facial skin of the working women. Carcinogenic substances are produced due to the combined effect of all these and when these come in contact with the skin cause skin allergies.

Importance of removing excess oil on your face

Face holds the key towards offering best presentation in all work environments and carries weight to have an impressive personality. While faces with healthy skin are always acceptable, there are occasions when facial skin disorders could play odds and therefore having a healthy skin without excessive oil is a must for working women for the following reasons.

  1. Excessive oily skin is the result of overactive glands that and is the root cause of various cosmetic problems such as pimples and blackheads or a wide opening on the surface of the skin with the debris covering the mouth. As such excess oil has to be removed form face so that formation of pimples and other skin disorders can be prevented.
  1. Oil is produced in the facial skin naturally for protecting the skin from dirt and also to keep the skin moisturized. But production of too much oil can lead to several problems such as contributing to sticking of dirt removal of which becomes difficult if not proper care is taken. Therefore removal of excessive oil is important for having healthy facial skin.
  2. Excessive oily skin contributes to the blockage of the pores and also provides nourishment to the bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. These bacteria in combination with blocked pores are responsible for flare up of pimples and, therefore, excess oil has to be removed from faces as a preventive measure against growth of pimples.
  3. Excess oil production of the skin could be a real problem. Excessive oily skin is terribly uncomfortable and cosmetically impaired. As oily skins requires causes irritating sensation and dabbing many times it causes extreme negative impact on self esteem and as such excess oil should be removed for faces for forwarding an enlightened appearance.
  4. The forehead, chin and nose of the face being crowded with oil producing glands have the most oil producing ability. When there is excess oil production the facial skin become very much susceptible to fungal infections that causes many skin disorders. In order to a healthy skin and preventing pimples removal of excess oil on the face is a must.

How a clean and attractive face can lift your confidence

No one comes to this world with self confidence, but it has to be built within over the years. It is really tricky to build self confidence but this is absolutely essential as self confidence is the first and foremost requisite to great undertakings. Self-confidence indicates ones capability to be regardless of the circumstances and the abilities and power to overcome any situation. Lack of self-confidence  denotes the crippling tendency as this often  prevents one to get the best form the opportunities and destroys the chances of success.

Women with skin problems like pimples, acnes and rashes etc generally suffer from inferiority complex in subconscious mind as these take toll of their appearance. Following a healthy skin care regime helps working women to keep the skin free from blemishes looking radiant and youthful.

There are many ways to build self confidence and having a healthy and attractive face help working women to have faith what she believes right.  When a woman has a healthy face and attractive face free form any skin disorders like pimples and rashes, it gives her some psychological advantage over the others.  Such mental backup plays a positive role in lifting the self-confidence of the working women.

Have no pimples and no marks with Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

garnier neem face wash

Source: http://www.garnier.in/

At present every working women is fighting vehemently to balance lives and in that process forgets skin care thus making the skin prone to many disorders.

Though preventing pimples posses to be a very difficult issue, one can definitely tackle the situation and get rid of pimples and other skin disorders by preventing them. As always is the case, prevention is always better treating the disorder after it has grown substantially.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash is a soap-free formulation enriched with the power of Neem and Tea Tree oil. Neem has typical anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and acts as a protector of skin.

By using Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash it is possible to get rid of pimples comfortably. The main ingredients of the face wash are real neem leaf and tea tree oil. Neem is an evergreen tree and is known to have many antibacterial properties and the tea tree oil, which is an essential oil, is also known for its application in skin wash.

In view of these ingredients the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash offers pimple free faces acting in the following ways.

  • Fighting germs: The face wash helps to wash the face clean also reduces the effect of germs that may be on the present of the surface of the skin and the anti bacterial property gives instant acne-free skin.
  • Combating effects of Pollution: The face wash when applied cleans pores completely and the antibacterial properties of the neem in combination with the tea tree oil clean the pores to remove impurities and ill effects caused due to pollution rendering pimple free face.
  • Removing Excess Oil: The face wash also helps to wash away the excess oil present on the face that attracts dirt to give it a lively appearance and also reduces the chances of having pimples formation.

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One AIO for All My Daily Tasks

I am a web designer and internet marketer looking for an All in one desktop from the reputed brand that suits my everyday use with Windows 8.1. I came across this AIO that fulfills all my needs. Let me list out the things I am looking in an AIO.

  1. Must be a space saver.
  2. Should have Windows 8.1 operating system as I am already using windows vista and don’t want to go for Apple Mac OS to try out different things, because I know how to install various applications and software on a Windows platform.
  3. I read somewhere nowadays that AIO comes with a built in UPS (Unit Power Source) but I am not sure whether I can buy in Indian Market.
  4. My all in one desktop should be fast enough to handle my day to day tasks without any lag.
  5. I am looking for a gesture control on my all in one desktop but I am not sure that could be possible because of the availability of the gestured control AIO’s in Indian Market.
  6. Should have USB 3.0 for faster data transfer.
  7. Should have disk storage of minimum 500 GB.
  8. Must have Intel dual core or quad core whichever is higher.
  9. Looking for Processor speed of minimum 2 GHz
  10. HD graphics for HD videos and pictures.
  11. Optional HDMI port (not preferred but added advantage, I want this All in one desktop dedicate to my daily routine tasks)

Asus ET2040IUK-BB015W

Source: Amazon.in

After surfing for several days and spending so much time to look for a most suitable AIO, I found ASUS All in One PC ET2040 is the best and final choice for my needs. It has a unique feature of Innovative gesture control for playing videos.

innovative gesture control

Source: Amazon.in

As you can see in the above picture, there are several options available for gesture control. It has hush to mute, fist to volume, thumb to play and wave to flip. Being a freelancer working from home, I had been searching for less space occupied desktop.

I am also satisfied that it has a quad core processor of 2.41 GHz and it can be boosted up to 2.66 GHz.

The display is a non touch and I am quite happy about that, the reason is I would like to use my keyboard for all operations and don not want to use touch all the time. Another reason is the replacement costs for touch screen costs more than the normal display.

Finally I am happy that it got a 64 bit Windows 8.1 operating system. Windows 8.1 will be the future of all the Windows series operating system and I will be getting a better data protection.

I am waiting for this item to be listed on Amazon.in !!!!

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Surprising A Girl Is The Boldest Way To Propose

No, Some 15 years ago it was not mandatory to propose on the Valentine’s Day. Because it was just like some other days of the year. But time changes and the custom also changes with time.

If you ask me how would I propose to my beauty on the Valentine’s Day, I will ask how can you ask me such things when know my wife? Have you not noticed her physique? She is straight five inches taller and weighing more than me.

It is true that thinking about proposing someone brings a shiver down the spine and you are left with dried tongue and do not know what to say. There are thoughts about what would be the reaction of the girl. Would she be indifferent? Would there be rejection? All these pinch every one and I have no shame to tell that I was really trembling inside while I proposed her. Those days she was the best athlete of our college and me?  I was a lanky boy with indifferent eyes who stayed miles apart from any physical activity. And in her own language an idiot who could not even speak to girls properly. But I managed to get her. Was it not a bold move to propose to girl like my wife and get accepted?

But If I were like you again, I would have played the cupid game differently. I would have first sent her a SMS, as you guys always do, and asked her straight to meet me on the Valentine’s Day.

After we met on the day we would have spent the day holding the hands of my beauty queen and roaming here and there. I would have purchased ticket for the balloon trip over the coral island. There would have been many people on the trip. While the balloon reached maximum height and started floating in the blue February sky and beneath lied the vast stretch of the placid ocean we two would have gazed the panoramic view together.

And then surprising the co-passengers at an altitude of three thousand feet or so, and being sure that she would not be able to throw me out of the balloon I would have decided to play the close up cupid games and asked, my wife – the then love, that would she be my valentine for the rest of my life?

That would have taken her aback as I, what she always used to say a shy idiot, could be so romantic enough to choose the time of the dusk when twilights are there all over the horizon. I would not have waited for her but staring directly and with enough courage that a lanky man can have in presence of a robust girl, I would have slowly brought out a platinum ring with diamond and put it on her ring finger. Everyone on the balloon trip would have would have cheered us up with continuous clapping for this unorthodox proposal and by the time we landed we would hold us closely together with tears of joy pouring out form our eyes.

But please do not tell her what I would have done. She will start incessant rambling again.

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Only The National Movement For Littering Can Save Us In This Garbage Age!

Everyone must know the history of the nation and must have regards for the rich heritage of the country. We have successfully passed the primitive Stone Age and the intermediate Iron Age with full colors.

And the nation is now passing through a great time of the GARBAGE AGE. This is the age when the nation has learnt the art of littering through the umpteen number of littering institutions that teach the great art of littering.

Littering is not easy. To be a litterbug is far more difficult because you have to master the various disciplines of littering. The most prominent of the various branches of littering is how to throw your garbage from the top floor to the pavements, spitting the walls etc.

To commemorate the first centenary of the present age and to name the various garbage hills we have assiduously made up around the cities the national symposium on littering will be held to mark the occasion.

Prominent litter bugs from all over the country will be joining the seminar and present their valuable papers on the art of littering covering many aspects of modern art of decorating a wall or public places by spitting and the role of a litterbug in national garbage accumulation program.

“(A)swachh Bharat” Campaign will also be launched by the most prominent dignitaries who specialize in various disciplines of littering for making our cities full of garbage to prevent cruelty to flies and mosquitoes. The Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Insects & Rodents (APCIR) has also agreed to take part in the seminar to promulgate how we can love insects and rodents.

The government has also called a joint session of the parliament to debate on the right of littering and it is learnt that already more than hundred written proposals and addendums have been submitted to the Honorable Speaker to include those in the debate to make it lively. The Government hopes that this being a National issue there will be consensus amongst the members on the right of throwing waste everywhere. Once the right is established, the litterbugs will have the latitude to litter any place they deem fit.

There will be various competitions like finding the most garbage embellished city in the country and as per confirmed sources all the states have already started their preparation to excel in the competition.

Writing on the wall, corroding the iron structure of the river bridges by spitting and littering all possible and impossible places will be the main theme of the competition. To encourage the kids, in the national movement, there will be age group wise banana skin throwing targeting the pedestrians, spitting through the window of a running public vehicles, blowing noses on the roads and urinating on whims are also arranged at the block level.

The winner of this local competition shall be eligible to participate in the national championship of being litterbugs and the most meritorious will be awarded national littering scholarship to pursue further studies.

The state that comes first in the state championship will be given subsidy by the Central government so as to inspire them to work for national garbage growth.

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Women can only be defined by the many roles they play successfully

I never believe in the colloquial adage that ‘woman’ means ‘woe-man’. It is an example of male chauvinism. They judge us form what they are.

Women are not beauty dolls, though the men are fond of defining them by fashion and style. Women are great individuals who have the capacity to take the right decision at the appropriate hour. Their thought process is based on real life experiences and they always stand by what they believe. Women have immense potential to adjust to adverse situations and have the acumen to turn odd situations to their favor. In every walk of life women do excel in whatever tasks they perform. Even in love she is dauntless and ready to sacrifice everything for the beloved. Overall, women has infinite flexibility & potentiality and be inspiration to successful men and therefore can never be defined in one way only.

Being a woman is more difficult than to be a man and I feel pride that I was born as woman to play my role as mother, daughter, sister, colleague, cooks, friend, wife, executives and many other roles we have to play.

  • Being mother I never forget my duties to my kids. Though now they can do their own jobs, I still keep a close watch over what they are doing throughout the day after I return home from my work. I always spend my weekends with my children and take them to places where they can learn many things through outdoor activities.
  • Being a daughter, I never allowed my parents to feel that they did not have any sons. I pursued my studies with colors, has developed enough rationality to judge what is right and what is wrong. Even at this age I never fail to consult my parents and listen to their valued advice. I made it a habit to help my parents for their daily chores.
  • Being a sister is not easy. I always guide my younger sister in her studies and all other activities. I love her more than anything, encourage her but never forget to warn her when she is going wrong. I always teach her how to be flexible for adjusting to situations and by my attitude towards my parents she also learnt her duties.
  • Being a colleague I always stand for the interest of the group and thrive towards achieving the team objective. I do not mind helping others out of tough situation and always warn my colleagues if I can smell something foul.
  • Being a Cook is not so easy. Whenever I find time I cook for my family and always try new recipes during the week end and relish the same with my husband and children. My children call me good chef and also take part in learning various cooking tricks.
  • Being a friend I share my both my pleasure and pain with my friends. I help them and give my friends support when they really need it and counsel them when I see they are on the wrong track. I believe in having principles and discipline and always ask my friend to do so to be a good citizen.
  • Being wife I take care of my philosophic husband who is always stays in some other world away from the labyrinth of the society. I act as her friend, philosopher, guide and secretary so that he becomes successful in his research activities.
  • Being executive I am a real, real tough guy who believes in result. I thrive to do everything right first time and every time, by supporting my peers and leading my team. I love to accept new challenges and problem solving is in my blood.
  • Being a blogger I write on many aspects covering current issue, social problems, tours & travels and on many other issues of interest every day before I go to bed. It gives me the relaxation I need after the day’s work and also enrich my thought process and gives me the satisfaction that I am serving the community in my own humble way.
  • Being an individual I am self conscious fully aware of my duties and responsibilities. I believe in doing every job in time and never repent for my decisions. When I am successful, I lead others and when I fail, I teach others. Like all other individuals I had adversities in my life and that made me stronger. By nature I am a quiet individual having a flair for reading & writing and maintaining the habit even at this age.

So, that is me. I am a complete woman who is aware of her duties and responsibilities and playing ten different roles successfully to lead a happy family life. I call every woman to write about their various contradictory rolls so as to stop this futile attempt of defining women.

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My mom created her own definition!

I can never forget my mother. Even for a single moment she is not away from me. With every blink I see her beaming face and during sleep I could feel her loving touch on my forehead soothing me to sleep silently.

You may say it is not uncommon. When you stay thousands of miles apart alone it is going to happen for everyone. But it is more for me as during this long sojourn I could not even speak to my mummy, my dear loving mummy for once.

Know why?  It is because I cannot speak, nor I can hear like you. The world appears to me like zone of staunch silence. And when I think the sacrifice my mother made and the battle she fought to rear us up, I simple wonder how it was possible.

Once sitting by her side I requested her to let us (I have got a twin sister) know the details of her journey through the odds of having deaf and dumb twins, she was not willing at first. But just on the day of my leaving the country she told us her story, her journey and her incessant fighting against odds.

As it always happens in Indian families, my mummy got married to my daddy in her twenties. She was so beautiful then that you would not be able to turn your eyes if you see her university convocation pictures.

That time my dad was teaching in college but their family was very orthodox with old set of values that never matched with what my mummy was taught in a liberal family. There were many shackles and bars. She was not supposed to go out alone. Not allowed to pursue her passion; dancing and moreover there were imposition of flimsy whims of her in-laws who wanted her to a puppet and not a human being.

Those days were totally different. We were born twins; myself and my 5 minutes younger sister. Lovely cute babies growing normally and everyone in the family was immensely happy with us! It was only after six months the real shock came.

As my mother told, it was a stormy night full of thunder and storm. There was lightning every moment and everybody was afraid of the natural calamity and the thunder sounds except us. We showed no signs of hearing the roaring sound.

The next morning we were taken to the doctor and after series of tests declared that we were deaf and dumb by birth. That was the most shocking news my mother has ever heard till that day of her life.

It changed entire family scenario. All her in-laws started telling that only because of her sins we were born like that. My father, being a professor, did not protest and started living in a state of oblivion about us.

But this lady who once jocularly told that she is ‘iron man’ because ‘Fe’ in the word ‘Female, means iron and ‘male’ equals to ‘man’ and so she is iron man. Yes, she can say like that!  She was no to be put down. Never wept for a day and decided to grow us up better than the normal kids.

You know what she did? Against all oppositions of an orthodox family she went alone to the deaf and dumb school to have training on how to teach the deaf and dumb. The authorities were taken aback by her straight forward approach and enquired about her qualification. To this she produced us and told them that besides these deaf and dumb twins she had post graduation in science, if that be of any help.

Everyone in the room was surprised. In those days it was ridiculous for a housewife to come alone.  The authorities only agreed when they found that she was not going to leave empty handed.

My mother learned the sign languages and obtained a special diploma in teaching of the deaf and dumb; while we were reading in our special classes. Every day after returning home she would teach us personally and used to tell us through sign language about the great personalities who conquered all odds.

This lady helped us to sense and feel nature in our own way. As my sister had knack of dancing she persuaded a local school to teach my sister and all the time my mummy taught my sister how to follow by seeing the hand of drum player.  Only because of her patience and perseverance my sister is now a teacher in our alma mater and a professional dancer of repute.

My mother also helped me in my studies even when I was in college she used to train me in leap reading to follow the lectures. Had it been not for her I would not have been able to pursue my higher studies.

Mission completed, but still she does not utter a single word at home that she started in our childhood just to be with us. My silent mom deserves to be roll model.

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