My Story of A New Life

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

And this is absolutely true for all even today! You must be able to tune your inner self to change your life.

Before I start telling you my story, I must confess that it took me long time to recognize that every day is a wonderful gift. Having very lucrative job in corporate sector I used to think everything as simple as anything. I had loving peers and great bosses and enjoyed my job but could hardly give any time to my family due to my frequent official tours.

So I had to think it very seriously weighing the choices that started surfacing in my mind. It was not easy as I had to maintain my family. But attending my family, especially the kids, eventually got the first preference. So, after thinking for some time, one fine evening I returned home earlier and told my kids and wife that I have resigned.

Seems incredible!

But I really did it. Because I was firm that if I cannot give time to my family I would not be able to groom them up properly. But it was a very tough decision at that moment because I had to pay my monthly installment for the new flat acquired besides maintaining my family.

I started tuning up. Thinking what to do next and looking over the possibilities. Of course there were options to join some other firm at junior level but my mind resented to that and I started examining the alternatives.

Then it suddenly stuck me. Why not to try some consultancy and auditing career? With my TQM back ground and long exposure in the industry, I thought I could do that. But it takes time you know. So I had to make another bold (mad at that time!) decision of selling the city executive apartment and moving to a small rented house away to a small city to be free from the burden of paying monthly installments. It turned out to be the most difficult decision I have ever made because my entire family had to adjust to the new economic status.

There was time when I got hardly one project in a month. I was draining off the savings; but I was firm. I started visiting various offices and industry houses offering them my service. Some of them got impressed with my back ground and slowly I started getting offers for various consultancy jobs and also auditing projects like environmental and energy audits. Money started coming in, though not much, but the flow was steadily growing.

Sounds inspiring?

In the meanwhile I obtained certificates as a chartered auditor from globalaccreditation agencies and that drove my profession much further. Now I am a self-made man. My kids have grown up and pursuing higher studies overseas. I again shifted back to a luxurious apartment in the city and serving my clients all over the country.

Now sitting on a rocking chair after a day’s work I get pleasure to think that I could chalk and tune mind to take the hardest decision to start life afresh