Sufficient Nutritional Requirements for Your Pet

Pets require sufficient nutrition for sustaining lively. They require exclusively balanced diet in correct proportions, just like human beings. Their complete diet should be able to offer them the necessary daily requirements of the following –

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber
  • Protein and specific amino acid
  • Energy

In case your pet is facing several health issues, try to feed quality food with sufficient vitamin and mineral content and See the Difference In 90 Days.

Kibble In Bowl
Kibble In Bowl

Source: Petbrosia

Mineral requirements

Minerals are necessary inorganic compounds, which contribute a lot in strengthening teeth and bones of dogs. Minerals also play a major role to maintain balance of fluid in animal body. They also help in effective metabolic reactions that ultimately provides energy for perform various physical activities. Minerals like phosphorus and calcium is necessary for growth of strong bones and teeth. Iron also plays a major role to develop healthy body by transporting enough oxygen throughout the body. It is necessary to feed pet animals with sufficient fresh meat and carbohydrate to substitute daily mineral requirement.

Vitamin requirements

Vitamins act as catalyst to initiate enzyme reactions. Vitamins help pets to carry normal metabolic function. Vitamin A and E plays the role of antioxidants, therefore helps to reduce premature aging and fights diseases. Vitamin also adds to eyesight and skin health. Liver and eggs contain abundant amount of vitamin A and E that is required for pets.

Fiber requirements

Food with fiber is a real necessity for proper metabolic function and bowel movement. Fiber is a natural variety of carbohydrate that plays crucial role to manage diarrhea. Pets require low or moderately fermentable fibers, like cellulose. Beet pulp is best as a constituent of daily diet for pets. You can also include small amount of brans in everyday diet of your pets.

Protein and amino acid requirement

Proteins constitute the main element of cells, organs, tissues, antibodies, hormones and enzymes. They play active role in reproduction, repairing damages tissues, contributes to growth factor etc. In a similar way, amino acids are the major component of protein. These elements are not synthesized in animal body, therefore should be supplied in major quantities through dietary supplements. Fish and egg constitutes major amino acid and protein content. You can also offer your pet exclusive diet of lamb, chicken, beef or turkey to meet their daily protein requirements. Raw eggs are considered best for pets in this respect.

Energy supplements for pets

Dogs get most energy from fat content. Fats are essentially food energy that is found in concentrated form. Fats offer almost double energy that proteins or carbohydrates can deliver. Energy in the form of fat is necessary for maintaining cell structure and even hormone production. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid are vital for animal body and helps in quick healing process. A number of fish oil and salmon are abundant store houses of such essential fatty acids that cater to daily energy requirements of all living beings, including pet animals. However, since pet animals require these essential fatty acids in greater quantity, it is necessary to feed them fixed-formula food to ensure proper dosage of fatty acids in their diet.

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10 Healthy Foods for Labrador Retriever

Dogs like to eat all the time. They need to be trained to control their eating habit. They have the tendency to eat anything left over the ground. Owners need to train their dogs not to eat left-over food in order to keep them healthy. A healthy diet also makes dogs healthier and energetic. Labrador retrievers are one of the most adorable breeds that like to get familiar with humans. They require a little attention towards dietary provisions. Here are 10 healthy food for Labrador Retrievers that would help to keep your poo highly energetic.

Chicken meat for Labradors

To start with, chicken meat works wonders for Labrador Retrievers. This breed of dog requires at least 50 per cent of animal protein in the diet. Mix the chicken with vegetable and fruits to make a complete diet.

Chicken meat for labradors
Chicken meat for labradors

Source: ColorBox

Labrador protein requirement

Labrador Retrievers require fresh meat to make up their protein requirements. In addition, poultry and fish would also help to cater to the protein requirement. Meat of rich organs would certainly be the most nutritious food for them. Kidneys, liver and heart are best in this category. Apart from these, salmon and other fish would suit best.

Labrador protein requirement
Labrador protein requirement

Source: Blogspot

Certain dairy food for Labradors

You can also go for a number of dairy products to feed your Labrador; however, check the level of fat in the ingredients. Labrador Retrievers are highly susceptible to gain excessive weight; therefore, it is necessary to feed them calorie-less food.

Dairy food
Dairy food

Source: ColorBox

Vitamin and Calcium supply for Labradors

Do not forget to include vitamins and essential minerals in the diet of your pet. Labradors require sufficient amount of calcium support in their diet, daily. This even helps to make their bones and teeth stronger. Powdered egg shells act as a natural calcium supplement for Labrador Retrievers.

Vitamin and Calcium supply
Vitamin and Calcium supply


Essential oil as part of food

Fatty acid from essential oil helps your Labrador breed to maintain a healthy skin with shiny hair. Fatty acid even keeps the skin coat waterproof. Olive oil, vegetable oil and oil of flaxseed are highly recommended in the diet of these breed of dogs. However, use fresh oil for your dog, since there is less chance of getting affected with any gastric problem.

Healthy skin
Healthy skin

Source: ItsALabThing

Carbohydrate supply

Complex carbohydrates are also essential. Include sweet potato and brown rice in the diet of your Labrador poo, since they are rich in complex carbohydrate content. In order to boost their digestive system include fruits and vegetables in abundance – cauliflower, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pears and green beans.

Carbohydrate supply
Carbohydrate supply

Source: FoodieLady

Magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplement

Apart from these, Labrador breeds require ample amount of magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous. A diet consisting of chondroitin and glucosamine would also be essential. Bovine and chicken cartilages would definitely be the best variety of food to overcome many health problems.

magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplements
magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous supplements

Source: Farm9.StaticFlickr

Dry food variant

You can also choose healthy dry food for your pet of Labrador species. Kibbles are the best variant regarding dry dog food.  Dry foods for dogs help in removing accumulated plague from the teeth.

Dry food variant
Dry food variant

Source: LabradorRetrieverGuide

Hypoallergenic food

In case you are planning to go for canned dog food then several brand of hypoallergenic food for dogs would do the trick. California Natural, Addiction Dog Food etc., can serve best in this regard.

Hypoallergenic food
Hypoallergenic food

Source: Amazon

Holistic food

Lastly, you can also check out a number of holistic food varieties for your dog. Raw diets and holistic food variants offer required amount of essential nutrition. They are devoid of fillers that are mostly harmful for dog’s health.

Hollistic nutrition
Hollistic nutrition

Source: CDN2-B.Examiner

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How to choose the best dry dog food for your pet

It is better to provide your dog healthy food instead of canned dog food. There are so many natural products out there that it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your pet. Nowadays, pet owners prefer to give adult dry dog food to their pets, because of the benefits it offers. If you wish to pick the best formula dry dog food, then these tips can help you a lot.

Do a little research

If you wish to know where to buy quality dog food, then explore the market to find some quality brands, so that you will realize where to buy a good quality complete and balanced dog food. You can find a number of brands offering formula dry dog food such as natura pet products. A good formula of adult dry dog food can be very beneficial for your dog.

Benefit: Majority of dry dog food has a blend of all the ingredients, which provide necessary nutrients to your dog, as compared to canned dog food. The recipe is prepared in such a way that the food put forward the nutrient content of all the proposed ingredients, making it a complete and balanced dog food. Even though, there are some healthy options in canned food like canned recipes complete health.

Find some of the brands you can rely on

When you are looking for quality dog food, you can try EVO turkey & chicken dry dog food formula like small bites dry dog food. The small bites dry dog food formula has no grains and more of turkey & chicken.

Benefit: Ingredients like turkey & chicken is more advantageous for your dog, in place of grains. This is why people prefer small bites dry dog food. If extra carbs is your main problem, then small bites dry dog food is the best option for you. You can also make recipes with turkey & chicken or prepare the meal & rice formula. If you dog suffer from allergy then brand like california natural pet food or simple food solutions would be more preferable.

Check the ingredients

Whenever you go out to buy formula dry dog food, you should check the ingredients. Keep this point in mind while shopping at a natural pet store. Normally dry dog food has dry ingredients like rendered meat, grains, bone meal, and flours. Even while buying canned recipes complete health, you should go through the ingredients.

Benefit: A complete and balanced dog food can help to increase your pet’s life expectancy in place of canned dog food. Some of the best ingredients you should choose include corn, soybean, or go for meal & rice formula. You can find high quality products comprising of ingredients like chicken and beef at a natural pet store.

Go for food without grains

If you want to reduce the amount of carbohydrate in your dog’s food, then you should opt for grain-free dry dog food. You might wonder how a grain-free like herring & salmon formula product is beneficial for dog and where to buy it from. The answer is by lowering the amount of grains, the carbohydrate content is reduced, and proteins are inserted through ingredients like turkey & chicken.

Benefit: The grain-free dry dog food contains low level of carbohydrates that are like natural diet of carnivores. In many cases, it has been found that ingredients like rice and wheat cause allergies in dogs. Grain-free products can help to reduce the cause of allergies in dogs. This kind of product is better than canned dog food such as canned recipes complete health.

Formulas without grains

You can choose a herring & salmon formula, as it is free from grains. You can get these from natura pet products. This formula concentrates more on proteins and removes almost all grains from the meal, making the herring & salmon formula more beneficial for your pet. Another such product is red meat formula.

Benefit: If you go for the first formula or red meat formula, then you will get maximum protein content. In fact, if you shop for natura pet products, then you will get the best herring & salmon formula for your dog.

Consult your Vet

Ask your veterinarian about a recommended formula dry dog food, and about where to buy it. You should discuss the condition of your dog with your veterinarian and then pick up an adult dry dog food. Even if you opt for grain-free products like then go for something like red meat formula.

Benefit: The vet can suggest you some of the best complete and balanced dry dog food varieties and places where to buy it. The vet might also suggest you a natural pet store, from where you can get red meat formula. When you shop at a natural pet store, make sure that the dry dog food has all the essential ingredients.

Go for raw products

Another very healthy for your pet is primal pet foods raw products. The primal pet foods raw products are made with hundred percent fresh human-grade ingredients. You can even try red meat formula.

Benefit: If you opt for primal pet foods raw products, then you will get certified organic products. The primal pet foods raw products consist of organic minerals and vitamins to provide a complete food for your dog.

Make the food at home

If you do not prefer canned food, then you can also prepare an adult dry dog food at home. This will ensure that the food you prepare is complete and balanced. You can use turkey & chicken, to make the food or you can opt for meal & rice formula for your pet.

Benefit: You should make certain that the dry dog food has dry ingredients like powdered milk, flour, meat, etc. You can also add vegetables and fruits in your meal & rice recipe. Making meal & rice dog food is a better option than canned dog food and is also very economical as compared to canned recipes complete health.

Get what is suitable for your dog

You should consider the health and condition of your dog, while selecting dog food. If your dog suffers from allergy then you should go for grain-free dry dog food, instead of buying canned dog food. This will maintain the health of your pet. Many dogs also gain weight because of more carbohydrate content. If this is the case, then you should opt for dog food with lower grain content like natura pet products or else go for red meat formula. Another better option is chicken meal & rice formula.

Benefit: No matter whether you choose dry dog food including grains or grain-free dry dog food from brands like simple food solutions, the way your dog feels and looks is also an important point to consider before deciding where to buy it. For problems like allergies, you should opt for simple food solutions.

Choose reliable brands

When searching for a reliable brand you should try the simple food solutions. You can get allergy formula dry dog food from a brand like simple food solutions. Another good alternative is california natural pet food. This brand also offers allergy formula dry dog food.

Benefit: The benefit of allergy formula dry dog food from brands like california natural pet food is that, it will keep your dog away from allergies. Brands like california natural pet food are very effective in fighting diseases like allergies, as they provide the best allergy formula dry dog food.

The natura pet products recommended by the vet and also suit your pet and your budget, will be the best complete and balanced dog food. You can easily find such kind of dog food in a natural pet store. You can even shop from an online natural pet store, where you can get some lucrative discounts on natura pet products as well as on simple food solutions.

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