Is morning dog food nutritious to it??

Importance of feeding a healthy breakfast for your precious canine friend has never been underlined enough until today. You need to understand the fact that for keeping your dog strong and healthy it is essential that you provide him delicious and nutritious dog food that has been enriched with all the important nutrients. The breakfast that your dog consumes helps in repairing body tissues that are injured and in generating essential energy for performing his everyday metabolic activities. This piece of information has been confirmed according to the recent research study that was conducted by the dedicated team of Researchers at the University of Kentucky.

Dog Breakfast

Feed your loyal canine with dog food for excellent performance

The team separated the canines in to two batches according to which one lot consists of trained dogs that were fed breakfast and the other lot with dogs that were left to starve without any food in the morning. They carefully watched the search performance of both these categories after 30 minutes. To their amazement they found that the fed dogs searched with more accuracy than those that were fasting. Dr. Holly Miller and colleague Charlotte Bender confirmed the study and its result in the recent issue of the journal Behavioral Processes.

Dr. Miller said that he was urged to research on this fact after reading the news about children performing miraculously with excellence after eating their breakfast. Therefore he wondered if the same formulae will happen in the performance of dogs as well. Thus Dr. Miller along with Ms. Bender started tested the performance of trained few domestic dogs after eating breakfast and some of them without food consumption. The dogs that ate in the morning were more active and accurate while searching for some hidden food, whereas those dogs that starved in the morning were not performing well.

How was the research done?

 Dr. Miller has previously demonstrated the fact that energy levels of dogs are interconnected with the self-control that they portray. And the fed dogs were more disciplined with self-control that those that were hungry when they were tested. This unveils the truth that those dogs that ate food were enriched with high energy level. After this test both the batches of dogs were shown a delicious mouthwatering edible treat which were later hidden in six containers. The search for the yummy treat began and the dogs that ate the breakfast were accurate in finding the food faster than those dogs that were hungry for more than 12 hours. Dr. Miller exclaimed that his research confirms the fact that breakfast increases the performance in dogs.

Importance of well-balanced diet

Dr. Miller agreed that the commercial dog food consumed by our canine loyal friends is usually manufactured with rich content of carbohydrates and therefore this might be considered as the reason for fluctuations found in the working mechanism of the trained dogs since it keeps changing according to the sugar levels in the body. If you are wondering whether this is the same with other wild dogs such as wolves and jackals, you will be amazed to know that it is a big NO.

Yes, when these wild animals hunt and eat raw meat that contains low carbohydrate than the commercial dog food that the pet dogs eat their brain automatically grab glucose from other optional sources such as ketone bodies. This is the reason why the wild counterparts of dogs are dangerously furious and out of control when they are hungry. Therefore working dogs or pet dogs, every friendly canine needs to eat nutritious dog food that is richly filled with adequate portions of fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins for increasing the energy level and enabling them to excel in their performance.

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