How Household Dogs can Benefit from Animal rights

Animal rights serve as the blessings to the animals as it prevents human beings to abuse them. It is the result of rising awareness of man to protect the animals. Animal Rights are designed especially with the purpose of protecting the animals from the abuse of human beings. Animal rights strictly prohibited to exploit animals to fulfill some purposes of the humans that include food, experimentation, entertainment, clothing and many more.  Interestingly, the rights not only protects the wild animals to be exploited it also serve as the shield to the pet animals include the house dogs.

Locking Dogs
Locking Dogs

Source: Media.Mercola

Liberate the dog from being chained

The wide spread popularity of the animal rights helped household dogs in different ways. It freed the dogs from being chained any more. In addition to this, it is strictly prohibited to put the dog in cage any more as it is evident that dogs caged for a long period develop many disorders that include hyperactivity, depression, aggression, eating disorders, and many more.

Prevent the dog spending time alone

In addition to this, numerous working people tend to neglect their pet and compelled to leave them alone in the home isolated and confined. This even sometimes leads the dog to stay without food for an extended period. This also violates the animal rights. The couple must consider the pet as the family members and treat with it alike. They have to find out some alternative so that the dog does not feel isolated in the major parts of the day. They can take help of the professional who looks after the dog during the working hours of the dog.

Other issues

Interestingly, it prevents the owners from forceful breeding that would allow them to earn some extra pennies. Moreover, the owners cannot anymore conduct any type of physical torture to the pet to prepare it for any type of show. It is better to take advice of the experienced dog trainer to learn the dog the necessary rules of the training.

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FDA Clueless on Rising Perils of Jerky Treats – Seeks Help from Pet Owners

Personnel from FDA or The Food and Drug Administration are on a fix in its quest to investigate into the mystery surrounding deaths of more than 600 dogs after eating jerky treats manufactured in China. They are now requesting help and support from pet owners to initiate autopsy, in case their pets die under mysterious circumstances.

Jerky Treat Effect
Jerky Treat Effect

Source: Dingo.Care2

The pets are showing signs of decreased activity, diarrhea and vomiting, along with several other symptoms of complication. The pets are falling ill after eating treats that are sold as strips made of chicken, sweet potatoes, duck etc. These are also known as jerky treats.

According to Martine Hartogensis, an expert veterinarian with FDA, “We are now appealing to owners of pets and other veterinarians to send us more information on animals getting sick after consuming such treats.”

According to latest reports, the FDA has received records of pet illness involving about 10 cats and 3600 dogs in the USA alone. The pet illness is reported after owners had unknowingly fed them pet treats that are manufactured in China.

The veterinarian from FDA also informs that their investigation has reached a roadblock since there is no lead regarding the ingredient in food item responsible for the dreaded illness. She even upheld the factor that since most pet owners do not initiate autopsy of their dead pets due to high cost involved, the actual cause of the illness is still not clear to the investigating body.

Dr. Richard Goldstein, associated with the New York Animal Medical Center is treating dogs infected under mysterious condition. However, he briefed that dogs suffering from such illness caused due to dangerous treat started showing normal behavior when normal diet was resumed, without the treats. He emphasized on the fact that owners of pets should become aware of the symptoms of this dreaded disease and take necessary actions thereafter.

Source: ABCNews;

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What to Do for Protecting Your Dog in Cold Seasons

Dogs are susceptible to a number of health issues, if left unattended during winter months. It is therefore necessary for all dog owners to abide by few rules and guides to take proper care of their doggies and help them to stay fit and healthy during chilled times. Here are few steps and processes that would help you to make your pup comfortable and healthy during chilled months.

dog winter protection
dog winter protection

Source: DogsLife

What to do for protecting doggies during winter – few steps

Step 1

Do not ever leave your dog outside the room alone for long hours. Dogs are not able to withstand extreme cold and can catch innumerable diseases. Take your pup to a warmer place, or make its bed at a warmer corner in your room.

Pet dogs are also susceptible to frostbite. Make sure to check the feet, ears and tail continuously to make sure that your poo is not affected with it.

Step 2

Pet dogs should be groomed regularly during winter months. A well-groomed fur coat would help your dog stay properly insulated. Winter chill may affect dogs with coarse or short haired dogs much easily. Consider using comfortable coat or sweater for such dog breeds.

Removing snowflakes from the fur of dogs (if you reside in region experiencing snowfalls) is a must to keep dogs warmer during winter. Trim excess hair from foot pads and toe region for removing snowflakes from your dog’s coat easily.

dog paw care
dog paw care

Source: DogPawPrint

Step 3

Always try to offer your pet warmer food. Keep the food of your poo under room temperature, probably at a warmer corner of your room, for sometime before serving. Keep sufficient amount of water for your dog. Dogs require plenty of water to drink during freezing months. Store drinking water for your poo at a warmer corner of your room.

Step 4

In case your pet dog experiences hypothermia, i.e., the temperature of its body declines below normal level, cover it with warm blanket and keep your dog at a warmer place inside your home, away from doors and windows. This would help to regain normal body temperature of your pet. Try to cover the pads of feet of your dog and ears lightly. This would make your pet regain temperature easily.

In case the body temperature falls below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, consider to consult veterinarian immediately.

dog wrap with blanket
dog wrap with blanket

Source: Rofllollmao

Step 5

Rock salt or other chemical that are used for melting snow can prove to be dangerous. These inflame the digestive tracts of dogs, if consumed accidentally. Always wipe the paws of your dog with a piece of warm cloth after returning from a walk.

Step 6

In case your pet experiences frostbite, by any means, bring it to a warmer corner immediately. Soak its extremities in a bucket of warm water so that ice crystals melt easily and blood circulation is restored.

Never rub frostbitten tissues since frozen crystals might aggravate the damage. Cover the dog with a blanket after it warms up and check with a veterinarian.

dog bed fireplace
dog bed fireplace

Source: Lushome

Preventive steps would certainly protect your pet dog from the perils of chilled weather. It is necessary to make sure it stays at warmer environment to remain healthy throughout the season.

Source: Dogs.AboutAKCDogTime

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What To Do To Make Dog Gulp Necessary Pills

People love to own pets. They treat them as their own family members. Dogs are perhaps the most common pet animal of the world. Like all living animals, they are even susceptible to various illnesses. However, it is very difficult to feed them pills regularly. Owners need to conjure up several tricks to make dogs swallow necessary pills. Here is what you should do for feeding pills to your dog to keep it healthy.

How to Get a Dog to Take Their Medicine
How to Get a Dog to Take Their Medicine

Source: Cesarsway

Stuffing pills into food items

Hide the pill and stuff it into a meatball and feed it to your dog. Dogs can sniff out pills from food. Therefore it is necessary to stuff the pill inside considerable piece of meatball. You can even hide the pill inside a chunk of cheese and feed it to your dog.

Crushed pill method

Crush the pill into fine powder and mix it thoroughly with the tasty creamy treat that you dog likes the most. Add ample amount of the creamy treat to hide the smell and taste of the crushed and powdered pill. You can also mix the powder of pill with a teaspoon full of yogurt or peanut butter and offer it to your pet.

Feeding the pill directly

Although this can be the trickiest part, yet you can try to feed pills directly. Calm your dog and open its mouth widely by holding the lower jaw. Put the pill at the back of the tongue of your dog and gently help the mouth of your pet shut with your hands. Keep the nose of your dog pointing upwards and gently rub its throat.

Be patient while feeding pills to your pet dog and offer them a tasty treat after the job is done. This would help you to take charge the next time you want to feed it a pill.

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Watch Out for Top 5 Dog Infections

Keeping pet dogs have become a common instinct for most of the families across the world. However, it is highly necessary to watch out for its health. Very often people tend to misjudge certain signs of dogs that indicate trouble with their health factor. Check out the following to observe your little poo’s health and consult your veterinarian for help.

Infestation of worms
Canines are highly susceptible to worm infestation. Hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms are some of the common parasites that can be fatal to dogs.

Signs to watch out for

  • Drastic weight loss
  • Dry and rough coat
  • Diarrhea
  • Scooting on bottom
Infestation of worms
Infestation of worms

Source: Cesarsway

Infection of ears
Allergies, hair growth in ear canal, bacteria and yeast can trigger ear infection. Most cases require medicating ear canal and cleaning. Chronic infections may even require surgical intervention.

Signs to watch out for

  • Unusual and frequent eye movement
  • Uneasy in balancing
  • Vigorous scratching
  • Ear odor
  • Discharge from ears
Ear Infection
Ear Infection

Source: SquirrelHaters

Infestation of fleas
Flea infestation is a very common problem for canines. They cause irritation and additional health threat for dogs, including infection, anemia and allergic reaction.

Flea infestation
Flea infestation

Signs to check out

  • Hot spots
  • Loss of hair
  • Excessive licking, scratching
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Flea dirt on skin

Source: Pestcss

Dental disease
Dogs are also affected with dental diseases. Veterinary intervention is required for treating such diseases. Dental disease in dogs can also lead to kidney disease, heart disease etc.

Dental disease
Dental disease

Signs of dental disease

  • Difficulty to eat
  • Facial swelling
  • Smelly breath

Source: Petride

Eye infection

Eye infection
Eye infection

Disease of eye is also common in dogs. Medical intervention is utmost required or your pet can lose vision within hours.


  • Discharge from eyes
  • Sunken or bulging eye
  • Redness of eye
  • Opaque film over eye

Source: TheAnimalCenter

Like humans, dogs are also living beings and are susceptible to various diseases that require medical attention. Consult a veterinarian for treating your pet in case you find any such symptom.

Source: WebmdPetzlife

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Animal Chiropractor to Rescue Pets

Treatment techniques utilized by chiropractors had been considered for long as mainstay in equine world. They are considerably getting immense popular among a number of owners of pets. With rising cases of household pets experiencing sprains, arthritis, joint pain and many other ailments, pet owners are turning towards chiropractors.

Dogs diagnosed with sipped disc at necks can get tremendous help through treatment procedures of acupuncture and chiropractor adjustments. According to a professor of Parker University, Dallas, Dr. Rod Block, the process of chiropractor helps to promote energy flow within the body of living beings. The function of a chiropractor is to normalize the energy flow in case of blockage due to dysfunctional muscles or subluxation.

Chiropractic care
Chiropractic care

Source: PetsClan

Chiropractic care had also led to proper treatment of animals to resume athletic duties and sports training easily. Animals, especially dogs, affected with slipped disc injury needs proper chiropractic treatment in order to resume sports and fitness training.

The New York Daily News even reported that not, only dogs, but other animals like goats, pigs, iguanas, llamas, horses, rodeo bulls etc., are also treated under the process to recover from a number of illness.

Dr. Kari DeLeeuw also reported that she had seen a number of horses responding to the treatment process positively. The immediate difference that the treatment procedure offered to suffering animals appealed her a lot to study the subject.

Athletic skills
Athletic skills

Source: iTelegraph

However, she even laid stress on the fact that modern chiropractors, willing to work on dog-health, should also be a veterinarian. This would even help the professional to combine the effective treatment that an animal requires- chiropractic care, along with veterinary service. to prove her theory, Dr. DeLeeuw stressed that osteosarcoma bone cancer can also lead to immense pain in animals. However, a chiropractor would not be able to diagnose the same without having any knowledge of veterinary science.

Source: <a href=”“>Care2</a>

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Apple Cider – Health Supplement for Dog

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove benefits of Apple Cider, yet few reports conclude that vinegar of apple cider helps to improve digestion, prevents skin diseases, wipes stains of tears, acts as appetite stimulant, heals infection faster etc.

According to a nutritionist at Royal Canin pet food, Dr. Jill Cline, the vinegar of apple cider is considerably gaining importance among a number of veterinarians following holistic approach towards treatment of dogs. The doctor even mentioned that there is still no evidence to prove the compound to be harmful for animals.

Apple Cidar Vinegar Improves Dog Health
Apple Cidar Vinegar Improves Dog Health

Source: Best-Family-Dog

On the other hand, ample data shows that coconut oil offers immense benefit to dogs and treats the syndrome of cognitive dysfunction. Although it is unclear about utilization, yet theoretically coconut oil might prove to be effective to treat gastrointestinal issues. It may even offer support to enhance immune health of animals. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to note that coconut oil comes in handy to offer great benefit to human health.

If the pet dogs are seen scratching aggressively or losing hair, then usage of apple cidar vinegar can be of good help. It helps in maintaining alkaline content in the body of dogs. Other benefits of using apple cidar vinegar in dog food include relief from allergies like runny nose, wet coughs and watery eyes. It also improves digestive health.

Apple Cidar Vinegar for Dog
Apple Cidar Vinegar for Dog

Source: TheDogTrainingSecret

Various studies have proved that dogs generally tend to recognize each other through their barks. Studies have also shown that if any dog hears any bark of a familiar dog, it would run towards it. However, in case it hears barking of any unfamiliar dog, the pet would pay attention to the bark for sometime but would resume to whatever it was doing without running towards the direction from where the sound appears to come.

Source: Courant

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Brazilian Terrier

Perfect Breeding leads to Perfect Cure in Pups

In dogs there is a skeletal disease that is found to be fatal but occurs only in rare genes. Recent researches reveal the spectacular truth that Smart medications will aid in treating and also eliminating the defect bone symptoms permanently with proper breeding. This dog  disease is clinically termed as Mucopolysaccharidoses. Brazilian terriers are spotted to be the rare breed dogs that are mostly affected by this disease.

It affects the bone to the new born Brazilian terrier’s puppies and in some rare cases this mysterious disease also spreads to their whole skeletal systems that the bones get weaker day by day. So the poor little puppies could not walk or even stand and finds it hard to survive or in some severe cases might even die. Now the highly qualified professional team under the guidance of researcher Hannes Lohi of the University of Helsinki and the Folkhalsan Research Center tried to explore the root cause for these breeds especially been affected.

Brazilian Terrier

According to the results it was discovered by the professional scientists that the mutations are the main cause for this dog disease. The total chromosomes in dogs are 78 while we human beings have only 46. They quickly found that the cause of the disease is the mutation. Amino acid molecules are an important enzyme for the formation of the bones and it helps in the growth of the bones so without this enzyme the tissues in the bone becomes weak so it cannot fight against the foreign bacteria and the disease grow inside.

This disease is not only found in dogs it is also found in cats, rats and even human beings. The human beings who are affected by this disease will be mentally retarded there will be skeletal deformities, spleen and liver will be enlarged abnormally. The studies about dog genetics resulted that one in three Brazilian terrier dogs carries the mutation. The bad gene from either father or mother causes the disease to the young ones, Through DNA test they can identify the affected dogs. The scientists revealed their expectation in the journal ‘PLoS ONE’ that there is a hope to find a permanent cure for the disease in humans by developing the ailment for dogs.

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Natural and Easy Treatments for Pets

Pets when grown by people they must be given proper vaccinations at regular periods to protect them from various aids which affect both their health and life span because once when they are spotted out and treated it may result in an abnormal deficiency in the pets health. Hence there are various ways by which these ill factors can be avoided in the modern day but they seem to be costly for the people who cannot afford to protect their pets by offering such huge costs which can be overcome by the natural factors such as pet care, pet herbs, pet home remedies.

Proper pet care is the first and foremost important thing to be done while growing pets as when they are not provided with proper care they may fall in deficiency of health and also their growth may be affected. Hence when people grow pets they must ensure that those pets are given proper care and they are maintained carefully with the advice or consultation with veterans who are specialists in pet care.

Treating of pets with proper vaccines may also result in the increase of the efficiency and life span of them as some of the artificial vaccines provided by the veterans may be high dosed which causes side effects to the pets once they are vaccinated with it. Pet herbs prescribed by the veterans are very acute in curing the health hazards of the pets which are both eco friendly and also less expensive as they are mostly prepared from the natural herbs. Hence people may adopt these pet herbs available in the market, which provides many merits to them.

Nowadays problems are arising for the treatment and immediate remedies for pets when they are affected by illness as the functioning of the clinical services or veterans is very limited due to lack of time and hence it has become necessary for the people to know about the pet home remedies which can be given immediately when the pets are affected due to any reason. This saves time of the people to go in search of the veterans at late times as they can do some home remedies for their pets due to which pets are relieved.
Growing of pets are not very important but taking proper care of them and grooming them are much more important which can be done some way by the people by the above mentioned ways.

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Top 5 Dog Diseases

Top 5 Dog Diseases

Dogs are amongst the most amazing creatures because they give unconditional love. Dogs are prone to a list of diseases, proper care and routine vaccinations help to prevent it. Dogs have made their owners to give out love continuously.

Heart Worm

The signs of this disease are weight loss, fainting, loss of energy, and congestive heart failure. Until the infection is escalated these signs are not noticed in an infected dog. Mosquitoes are the cause for this disease for the heartworm larvae travel from mosquito to the dog and will start multiplying. When the ventricles of the heart are overwhelmed with long parasitic worms it will eventually lead to heart failure. . The heart and lungs will be infected by these parasites. This disease can be prevented by giving Heart guard that will keep a dog contracting this disease even if an infected mosquito bites them.

Kennel Cough

This disease is either caused by viral or bacterial infections. This leads to upper respiratory problems. Kennel Cough is the most contagious disease among dogs. The symptom of this disease is hacking cough and at times vomiting. Providing antibiotics is the best treatment for treating this disease. Because it is easily spread your dog should be vaccinated against Kennel Cough.

Canine Distemper

This disease travels through bodily fluids, such as urine and nasal secretions so it is contagious. Signs are: weight loss, vomiting and runny nose. there is a high mortality rate. Giving antibiotics is the only solution to slow down the progression of this disease. There are vaccinations to prevent it.

Lyme disease

Lyme is a bacteria infection caused by ticks. It leads to arthritis and fever and will result in dog’s death. Antibiotics are the treatment for Lyme disease. Symptoms are: lethargy, enlargement of lymph nodules, and loss of appetite. Vaccinations are the best way to avoid it. Revolution – applying one topical dose once in a month help to get rid of the ticks.


Rabies vaccination is a must for all the dogs. It is an infection of the central nervous system that once contracted is fatal to a dog.  It is important to prevent it for Rabies can be fatal for dogs as well as humans. The dog owners by law are required to maintain prevention and control of rabies.  These virus moves to your brain through the nerves. It moves ahead to the salivary glands and can be passed on through bites. Vaccination is the best remedy.

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