Unique Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest For Dogs Is Going To Held On October 5

Beverly Dog Park’s Fourth Annual Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest is scheduled to occur on October 5 this year at the Beverly Commons. It is reported that on the scheduled day the dog owners can bring their costumed four-legged friends to participate in the event occurring from 12 to 3 pm. It is reported that the competition will be held within two groups of dogs; one small and other large. Owners have to introduce their dogs before the judges who will take notes on the pets.

Life In the Lost World Halloween
Life In the Lost World Halloween

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Chairperson of the park’s committee, Erinn Powers opined that in order to increase publicity of the park, they have decided to arrange the event for years back. He further added that the event was greatly appreciated by the Mayor of Beverly, William Scanlon who proposed various locations for the park of the dog. Director of Beverly Parks and Recreation, Bruce Doig stated that this event would play a vital role to raise the fund for the parks as well as encourage optimum number of dog owners to utilize it.

Three large dogs and three small dogs will be awarded for respectively scariest costume, funniest costume and best team. In addition to this a grand prize would also bestow to the dog owners. In the previous years a couple of Boston won the grand prize. The grand prize owner of this year would be given a large basket presented by Unleashed by Petco in the North Beverly Plaza.

Pumpkin bags Halloween
Pumpkin bags Halloween

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On the other hand, the others winner would allow to select their preferred gift certificate presented from several local businesses. The winning puppy would receive a bone. Anyone can participate in the contest by paying a fee of $15. However, for additional dog they have to pay the sum of $5. The money collected in this way would direct to improve the condition of the park.

Face painting for the children, decorative photo sessions and food by Scotty dog are some of the other activities of the events. Dog owners are really excited to participate in the contest and are planning to dress their dog in a unique way to win the grand prize.

Source: Boston

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Dog Coat Pattern for Large Dogs

Are you looking for winter dog clothes for your large dogs? Here is the helping guide for your need in making a perfect dog apparel selection for this winter. Winters are the season where your dogs need special and attentive care to keep them warm and cuddle them with warm winter clothes. A trend of dog fashion is very popular among the dog adorers, where the dogs coat has become the trendiest outfit for your beloved furry friends. While deciding to go for the coat apparels for your large dogs a question would arise what kind of coat patterns will be the best to fit their body size?

With large dogs it would be a little more difficult to decide to choose the coat pattern so as to make them fit their size as large dogs cannot be considered as simple as your little or smaller breeds. You may need to put some little strain in studying about the patterns involved in the coat for dogs to provide the right coat for your big furry friend.

Dog Coat Pattern

Have the fun watching your large canines wearing a stylish coat for this fall of winter and the coats can be designed with a trendy coat pattern with your crafty skills playing an important role in the coat designing. All coat patterns are not the same with every dog as the coat for dog breeds varies in different aspects. The coat pattern should be in such a way to ensure the complete coverage extending till the end of their body which gives them a comfortable winter. A perfect coat pattern guarantees the full body coverage, warmth, protection and safety for your large dogs. Find the great dog coat patterns over here which are made out of sewing, fleece, knitting and crochet so that your strains are reduced to a greater level

Dog Fleece Coat Pattern – These are non stitched coat patterns suitable for your pinchers, Retrievers and Shepherds with the body measurements ranging 40.5cm to 58.5cm from neck, 33cm to 38cm for its body length and a measure of 61 cm to 71cm for its chest surface. These patterns would fit the dogs weighing 13 to 21 kgs. It is one of the best large dog coat patterns.

Dog Fleece Coat PatternKwik Sew Pattern – These coats come out with a well sewed design having a chest closure, sleeves and hood for keeping the dog warm. It also has the center, front and back panel straps for the perfect fixture. Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL

Dog Kwik Sew PatternHound Coat Pattern – These coats would be a perfect fit for your Hounds but it can also use on your other larger dogs. It’s a double layered coat with a Velcro closure and it is easy to wear and take off. These patterns fit the dogs with apparel sizes of L and XL.

Dog Hound Coat PatternWhile considering the coat for dogs fit make sure the neck, waist and height measurements are perfect as only with the right measurements your dog’s coat is going to be their comfort fit.

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Image Source : http://www.bwdogcoats.com, http://www.freepatterns.com, http://dashingtweeds.co.uk

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dog accessories - dog fleece coats

4 best Dog Coats: Give your dogs all weather protection

We all love to dress up our pets in pretty Dog Clothes. There are many new trends in pet fashion, especially for dogs, which make them look stylish and provide them required comfort at the same time. When it comes to winters Dog Coats are what our pets need, as they keep them warm and waterproof at the same time. A huge variety of Dog Clothes are available out there and each comes with individual features and benefits. Check out four best Dog Coats suitable to provide comfort and warmth to our pets.

1. Dog Fleece Coats

Well-designed dog fleece coats is what our pets need in winters, and the one shown in the image is a great example of how coats can be warm and stylish. Fabricated with Polartec material, such fleece coats offer an added layer of fur for more warmth and comes with a zipper for ease of use.

dog accessories - dog fleece coats

Source: http://www.ruffwear.com/Climate-Changer-Fleece

2. Waterproof Dog Coats

We all prefer to protect our favorite pets from harsh condition of all weathers. For this, it is better to pick one of the waterproof dog coats fabricated for all weathers. Waterproof dog coats can be stylish and warm too. For easy put on and off, coats with straps are a better option.

waterpoof dog coats

 Source: http://www.snootypaws.com.au/blog/index.php/category/dog-coats/

3. Dog Rain Coats

Nobody can stop dogs from getting out, even if it is raining. Therefore, dog rain coats like this one is required to make sure that your pet stays dry and free from mud. Raincoats are equally comfortable, stylish, and sleek and you can get them in various shades.

dog accessories - dog rain coats

Source: http://www.ruffwear.com/Sun-Shower_3

4. Dog Winter Jackets

Everyone wishes to keep his or her pets warm in the cold days, and a dog winter jacket helps in doing so. Jackets are designed to keep dogs warm and cozy at the same time. Such jackets are waterproof along with being warm, so this means that your pet will get ultimate comfort even in winter days. As far as looks are concerned, there is no compromise in this front, so our pets will look good even during winter days.

dog accessories - dog winter jackets

Source: http://www.petexpertise.com/dog-jackets/chillybuddy-dog-jacket.html

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