Apple Cider – Health Supplement for Dog

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove benefits of Apple Cider, yet few reports conclude that vinegar of apple cider helps to improve digestion, prevents skin diseases, wipes stains of tears, acts as appetite stimulant, heals infection faster etc.

According to a nutritionist at Royal Canin pet food, Dr. Jill Cline, the vinegar of apple cider is considerably gaining importance among a number of veterinarians following holistic approach towards treatment of dogs. The doctor even mentioned that there is still no evidence to prove the compound to be harmful for animals.

Apple Cidar Vinegar Improves Dog Health
Apple Cidar Vinegar Improves Dog Health

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On the other hand, ample data shows that coconut oil offers immense benefit to dogs and treats the syndrome of cognitive dysfunction. Although it is unclear about utilization, yet theoretically coconut oil might prove to be effective to treat gastrointestinal issues. It may even offer support to enhance immune health of animals. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to note that coconut oil comes in handy to offer great benefit to human health.

If the pet dogs are seen scratching aggressively or losing hair, then usage of apple cidar vinegar can be of good help. It helps in maintaining alkaline content in the body of dogs. Other benefits of using apple cidar vinegar in dog food include relief from allergies like runny nose, wet coughs and watery eyes. It also improves digestive health.

Apple Cidar Vinegar for Dog
Apple Cidar Vinegar for Dog

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Various studies have proved that dogs generally tend to recognize each other through their barks. Studies have also shown that if any dog hears any bark of a familiar dog, it would run towards it. However, in case it hears barking of any unfamiliar dog, the pet would pay attention to the bark for sometime but would resume to whatever it was doing without running towards the direction from where the sound appears to come.

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Top 5 Foods for Puppy Dogs

Puppy dogs need enough care and a healthy diet for proper nurturing. Like human babies, they too require sufficient amount of protein and minerals in their food in order to attain healthy growth and development. You can try out the following top 5 meals for your puppy and offer it a healthy life.

Chicken- To start with, chicken is an essential component that would provide highest amount of protein and nutrition to puppies. Chicken and rice is perhaps the best combination that offers ample amount of carbohydrate and protein, which is essential for puppies for proper physical growth and acquiring stamina. Chicken is also easy to digest.


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Dry Food- You can also check out certain dry puppy food that is available at stores. Just check out the ingredients of such food before buying. They should contain sufficient amount of vitamins, fats, minerals and protein. Dry puppy food can also be mixed with little water so that any puppy can savor it with ease.

Dry food
Dry food

Source: PetShots.AffordableVetClinicJax

Home Food- Apart from looking for prepared food from stores, you can also prepare puppy food at home and serve your little pet. Pulses, fish and vegetable should be the crux of food items that a puppy needs to eat almost everyday in order to attain favorable growth rate and increased energy. However, take proper care that you do not serve excessive amount of food to your pup; otherwise, it may face serious danger, including overeating symptoms and even obesity.

Home food
Home food

Source: Woof.Doggyloot

Beet and Carrot Pulp- You can even add beet pulp and carrot to everyday food intake of your puppy. Beet pulp offers ample fiber with immense amount of nutrients. The pulp even feed the bacteria present in the colon of puppies, which helps to keep your pup healthy.

Beet and carrot pulp
Beet and carrot pulp

Source: Waggle

Omega Fatty Acid- Food containing rich omega fatty acid offers immense help to develop stronger immune system of puppies.  Such fatty acid rich food even helps to develop healthy skin and shinier fur of little pups. Therefore try to add at least a diet of salmon fish preparation every day for your pup.

Omega fatty acid
Omega fatty acid

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These are some of the effective puppy food ideas that you can try to fed your loved pet.

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Millie & Lindsey

Loyal Friend Introduces an Amazing Weight Loss Regime for the Owner

Every person wants to be fit and hates to be obese. And therefore they try hard to maintain the overweight issue in a healthy way. This will affect intensely the self-esteem of the person suffering from the weight. The weight loss programs and exercises are offering promises to make you thin within a few day period of time but they are not healthy. People get inspired by the unflattering portrait of the skinny girls and crave to be like them, which pushes them to the edge. The Lindsey Evans was motivated by her loving dog Millie that helped her find the right path to stay fit and healthy.

Millie the beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback lost intense weight since she starved to death. But she was rescued and saved by Lindsey who took care of the sweet breed as a new mom TLC. Instead of the dog food the dog enjoyed the junk food treat that is shared by Lindsey greedily. This made her gain weight up to 126 that was considered as twice healthy by doctors for her breed and size. And Lindsey also had gained much weight and reached the peak of 350 pounds that dripped her with self-empathy and depression.

Millie & Lindsey

When she took her loyal friend to the vets for a leg operation they were simply worried about Millie’s girth. And therefore they decided to put her on a crash diet that allowed her to lose 70 pounds in a healthy way. This greatly inspired Lindsey who was in her ends of 30s now and so she decided to follow the secret weight loss program as prescribed for her dog.

Lindsey started on her diet and curbed herself from eating junk foods. Lindsey was thrilled to see the miraculous weight loss happening to her body without exercising but with pure diet planning that excludes sugar and fatty food stuffs. She lost those extra calories amazingly and achieved her weight of 140 pounds within a few days. Lindsey exclaimed with joy that she would have never done it without the help of Millie her adorable pet!

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Midas at 1 year!

Best dog food for puppies – Know the unknown

Choosing the best dog food for puppies is the prime fact about pet care. Best dog food for puppies are also being recommended by different veterans across the world. If your puppy doesn’t get the necessary nutrients it will not grow properly and will not be able to be member of your family. Nowadays, different companies are manufacturing Dog foods are of different types like there is best dry dog food for puppies, best dog food for large breed puppies and best dog food for shih tzu puppies. The dog foods include such food supplements that a pet love to eat and enjoy eating.

Best dog food brand for puppies:

There is huge collection of best dog for puppies that belongs to the category of Best dog food for puppies.  In order to choose the best brand of Best dog food for puppies you have to go for the brand that include non-chemical supplements in the product. There are a few companies that use different types of by-products to prepare the food.  It can be anything like the diseased body or carcasses of euthanized wilds, which will harm your puppy more than giving it necessary nutrients. Thus it is imperative to learn about the product in detail, before you shop for any brand. It is best to consult with the veterinarian to decide which brand will be a good one for the puppy. However, there are a few recommended brands that make use of:

  • High protein elements
  • Plant supplements
  • Milk products

So, you should always stick to these brands to shop for Best dog food for puppies.

Best dog food for boxer puppies:

Corn product based foods are the best dog food for puppies. You can opt for corn syrup, corn gluten meal, corm meal or plain corns to feed a boxer puppy. However, always stay away from the wheat products. Food and vegetables based foods are also good for a boxer puppy.

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Best foods for dogs

For everyone, the best pet animal is dog. Probably we could see dogs almost in many houses. Some people may get afraid of dogs, but if we start moving with dog, it will really be a good friend for you. Among all pet animals, dog is the best since it also gives a very good security to our house. When we have dog in our house, the fear of thieves is abandoned. So in order to keep your dog strengthened and with a good stamina, you need to take care of dogs very well, by feeding them with best foods on daily basis. Let’s see in detail about what are all the best foods for dogs.

1)    Pre-packed real food

Taking nutritious food is vital not only for us, but also for dogs. You may get confused to choose the nutritious and hygienic food to feed your dog. Pre-packed real food, available in natural food stores, veterinary offices and feed stores, provide good nutritional balance to your dog. This pre-packed real food is as good as home made food that provides optimum nutrition to your dog, since it is made from all natural ingredients. Even it is best dog food to feed, its cost is some what expensive. But by feeding your dog with such kind of nutritious food will reduce your veterinary bill. If you feel like its very costly to manage, you could prepare your own real meal by your self for your dog at home.

2)    Preserved can food

Also there are so many preserved can foods those are available at the stores which are prepared specially for dogs as the best dog food. Those are rich in nutrition with highly digestive proteins. This kind of food will help your dog to get digest well. Since these canned foods are made from real, natural, recognizable ingredients, your pet will not have any side effects. These canned foods are available in varieties which are made from meat, beef, duck, chicken as well as fruits and vegetables. So your pet will love to eat this. If you see the label, you may find the details about each supplement and how it benefits your dog.

3) Preserved biscuits and breads

Also you can feed your dog with biscuits and breads with different flavours that are available in market. Since some companies understand the importance of feeding dogs with good nutritious ingredients, they are preparing biscuits and bread as well for dogs. There are many variety of tasty biscuits specially prepared for dogs are available in stores. They are of different tastes with flavours of fruit and vegetable and also of egg, meat, chicken or beef. Some dogs like non-veg while some dogs prefer to eat veg foods. So you can buy the one which your dog likes very much.

Another advantage is, sometimes when your dog is suffered by some disease, it may not eat well. Since it habituates by eating non-veg foods, it will hesitate to follow some diet control. So during this time, you could feed your dog with the flavour of biscuits and breads he likes most so that he eats well.

4)    Home-made bones and meat

Even though there are so many foods available in veterinary stores for dogs, it    is always some way special to feed your dog with your own home made foods which are pretty much best food for your dog. You will probably feel satisfied by feeding your dog with your own makings. So don’t always prefer to use preserved food to your dog. Sometime prepare meals or non veg items in your home and supply to your dog.

Usually all dogs prefer to eat non veg items like meat, beef, chicken or egg.
Some dogs like bones as well. Eating bones will always strengthen your dog’s teeth since it contains rich amount of calcium. You could also provide your dog raw flesh once in a week, which will give excellent strength to its bone, muscle etc.

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