Kids Health + Memory + Activity = Dabur Chywanprash

Seems, wondering why blogging repeatedly on kid’s health? And guessing all possible and impossible reasons why I am so frenzy about writing blogs on kid’s health! You need not to throw stones in wilderness! I will tell you why.

Being an ardent reader of Sherlock homes series, I firmly believe that if you see a lively pet dog in a family you can easily infer that it belongs to a lively family and a lively master and the contrary is also equally true.

Sounds unbelievable, ah! There is nothing wrong as you are amongst the majority who would not like to believe this and won’t hesitate to discard it as a trash. But it really happened in my life.

Once we brought home a little puppy with shiny skin and coat.  It was just a kid then and had to be fed with mother’s love and care. We called our son to see it. He came after repeated calls but seemed to be not interested in the puppy as he casually approached the puppy and did not show any excitement which is quite abnormal for a kid of four years.

As weeks passed by, the puppy grew and the naughtiness also grew. Sometimes he would be found under the bed gnawing the school shoe of my son with great taste and would not like to spare it without grumbling.  At some other times it would simply follow my son wherever he went. But my son was so morose and sullen that he would always drive it away.

We also noticed that the puppy started loosing its liveliness and became depressed day by day; but we could not guess why. It went up to such an extent that we thought that as our kiddy was not interested, better we give the puppy to the neighbors who was earlier enquiring about its pedigree.

During this phase our son again had serious cough and cold. As we got fade up with all sorts of medicines because of no tangible result, we thought why not trying the magnificent brew of Dabur Chywanprash which is a time tested and age old formulation.

We started giving our son Dabur Chywanprash with warm milk every day stopping all medicines. The friends and relative discouraged us, but we stuck to the decision. After a few weeks the spasms subsided a lot and finally he got relieved.

The best part of the happenings is that now our son has started taking keen interest in studies and scoring high in his class exams. But there was more to be surprised! Now after returning from the school and on Sundays our once fretful son plays with the puppy and both of them enjoys their company.

Lo! The unique herbal formulation of Dabur Chywanprash, that strengthens the body by activating internal defense mechanism,   has made my son absolutely lovely and powerful. And now he loves to play with pet and also keep himself busy with various activities always.

You must have, by now, understood the reason behind my frequent blogging. If you ask me, I would go for Dabur Chywanprash that besides curing cough and cold increased attentiveness and induced my child to play with the pet.

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