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A Pitbull Dog Attack – Horror in the Little Hearts

Though I am a lover of canine marvels – the dogs from the bottom of my heart, still when it is between my precious baby child and this dog to choose, naturally I pick my sweet little angel for whom I live each moment. Recently Jacklin Ancaito faced a terrific nightmare when she was forced into a situation to watch her cute little daughter Ayen Chol being attacked by an aggressive pitbull dog.

The dog was totally taken control of the girl and was extremely strong for the tiny hands to fight. It caught the little child, dragged and shook her violently which resulted in a shocking death of the child. All those dreams that were blossoming in the little heart were forever erased by the brutal attack of the pitbull dog and carelessness of the owner Lazor Josevski.

These things happened in flash of seconds that Jacklin still survives in those horror moments and find it difficult to come out of the shock. She trusts that the legal punishment given to the owner will stimulate awareness amongst the other dog owners and mothers of little ones as well. Magistrate Martin Grinberg levied $11,000 at the Sunshine Magistrates Court.

The tragic attack took place in St. Albans home where the dog loosened and charged against the poor armless Ayen. After the death of Ayen the penalty for the owner of the dog that attacked and killed a victim has been increased to imprisonment of ten years. This judgment will make the dog owners be cautious not to raise and legally forbidden breeds. They should train and teach their ferocious pets to socialize in a proper manner and never think the poor little humans as their prey. And mothers should never leave your sweet little child alone who is a special bundle of God’s Gift especially when a pitbull dog or any dog is in the surroundings. Beware!

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pitbull dog

The heroic lifesaving pit bull dog

Ever heard of a dog being celebrated as a hero? Well, this is happening to Titan, a six-year-old dog from Lawrenceville after saving the master’s wife. The interesting part is that it has done this twice and not once.

On the first incidence, one day on the July of year 2011, John Benton, the master, was preparing to leave the house for work when he noticed that Titan was behaving strangely. According to John, “ Titan” a smart pit bull dog started growling and barking very loudly before running down the steps of the stairs and stood between him and the door. It was then that John went upstairs and found Gloria, his wife, had fallen and suffered what was later to be revealed as a fracture in the skull.

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According to the doctors who treated Gloria, if it wasn’t for the dog, she would not have survived. If John had left the house on that day, Gloria would have bled to death or the brain aneurysm that his wife was suffering from would have eventually killed her. And just recently Titan was at it again after rescuing Gloria again for the second time. The heroic pit bull dog, woke John early one morning only for John to realize that his wife had suffered a broken hip after falling.

Due to the heroism that Titan displayed, The United State Humane society honored him as the 2nd runners up of the 5th Dogs of Valor Awards that are held annually. Gloria has grown very fond of the dog as before she wasn’t very enthusiastic of having the dog around her house. She described Titan as very special who can’t be given enough love as he always wants to be loved more and more.


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