Together we won the dreaded situation!

Reality is in fact nothing but a perception only. What you can perceive is your reality and what I perceive is mine. And such confessions make us really negative thinkers if not pessimist at some point of life. Being an optimistic always is a real bluff whether we agree or not! There are always ups and downs, but the sweet memories of the past are always real and these help us to pass over the negative thoughts.

Now I shall tell you how I was motivated by my wife in a great turmoil.

It was a usual sunny day of Calcutta in May. I did not go to office for some important personal work. I had to go the bank in the nearby locality for withdrawing a large sum for investing in an apartment. My wife wanted to accompany me but I did not agree.  It was not really needed. The bank was just within a kilometer form where I used to stay then and as I would be taking a rickshaw I did not see any need for a company.

I drew the money, counted the bundles and was putting those in the black bag (I still vividly remember the bag!)  I carried when a lanky and not impressive man standing at the adjacent counter asked me time. I told him 12-15 and wow! The bag carrying the money that was on the wooden platform of the counter was not there.  Turning I saw that the man who asked me time also vanished! Can you imagine the value of Rs24000 thirty years back? I started running like hell in all directions but there was really no trace of the man.

Totally shocked and depressed I returned home. Seeing my expressions my wife could guess that something might have gone wrong. I told her my foolishness and how I lost my entire savings and started weeping. She did not utter a single word and sat by my side with her granite silence.

When I was bit normal she simply told me to forget what has happened. But how can I? How to make the payment? She said she would handle the situation and with a firm voice cancelled the apartment booking. I was taken aback. It was she who nagged me regularly to have our own apartment and now she cancelled that herself!

“Don’t you know that when you reach the bottom you automatically open up the opportunity to rise to the top?” was her consoling words. It struck me as lightning and gave me the strength and motivation to start everything afresh.

She took control of the situation and everyday when I returned from work she used to tell me all sorts of consoling words and her new plans for having our own apartment in the future and only for her I am able to write this blog form the comfort of my own apartment.

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