Top 5 Things I Want To Do If I am #BefikarUmarBhar

Real freedom in life only comes with financial freedom. If you want to live life in your own way, you need financial stability. Financial stability is nothing, but a sigh of relief when you know that in future you would not have to struggle for money. We often have so many dreams to chase, but we fail to reach closer to those dreams because of our financial instability. When we know that our life is fully insured and when we can live #BefikarUmarBhar, we can easily chase our dreams. Here are those wishes that would come true if you have financial coverage throughout your life:

  1. A Dream Trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is indeed a dream destination. What can be more interesting than enjoying a trip to such a place with spouse or other family members or even with friends? Snow clad mountain peaks, mesmerizing scenic charms and lush green valleys of Switzerland often magnetize nature lovers or travelers from different parts of the world. A trip to Switzerland is costly and this is why even after having a dream to visit this place, we fail to plan the trip. Just because of financial instability, we end up with a trip to Shimla, instead of Switzerland. When life is #BefikarUmarBhar, a trip to Switzerland definitely seems to be feasible.

  1. Freedom of Investment – Becoming Rich

If you want to become rich, you cannot do that with just mere savings. Savings or insurances are important for financial stability, but if you want to become rich you need to invest your money in various equity fund schemes or share market schemes. When you know that you have the security deposit for your life in safe hand, you will certainly look to gain more wealth. With your excessive money, you can invest in various equity funds or share market schemes to multiply your wealth.

  1. Planning for Daughter’s Marriage

Daughter’s marriage is not just a mere liability of the parent rather a moment of happiness. Every parent wants to see their daughter happy on her wedding day. Planning for daughter’s marriage is a matter of immense financial planning. You can plan a true ‘big fat wedding’ to make your daughter pleased at the optimum level, when you have financial freedom to make expenses.

  1. A Seamless Life after Retirement

Life after retirement may become difficult if you do not have proper financial planning. Everyone has a dream to enjoy a life with self-esteem and respect after retirement. This will only happen if you have financial freedom. When you can stay #BefikarUmarBhar, retired life becomes more enjoyable and seamless.

  1. Buying a Car

A four wheeler is always a part of dream of every individual. However, it is a big investment, especially if you want to buy your dream expensive car. Well, you can certainly make your dream come true, if you have economic freedom. For this, we need to have our life completely insured, with accurate finance planning.  So, buy your dream car – enjoy long rides with your family or spouse – make life more interesting.